Our story was very typical of most Network Marketers. We started our business thinking that success would come a lot faster and easier than it actually did.

We made the list of 200 friends and family like you’re supposed to, we followed proven invite scripts and set up presentations with as many Tigertail Beach 1people as possible, we did our presentations exactly the way our company taught us, and made sure to do a connect call with every presentation…

…and our results fell hopelessly short of our expectations.

Having been rejected by most of our family and friends and hitting a brick wall with our business, we knew that we would have to learn some new skills in order to be successful. We took on the motto that “We will either find a way, or we will make a way.”

So, over the course of about 6 months, we bought several thousands of dollars worth of training programs.

They were all very good and we learned a lot from them, but they all seemed to focus on strategies that required us to chase after prospects…whether it was cold market prospecting, prospecting professionals, social media recruiting, etc.About Todd And Leah Rae

And while we were experiencing some success with those strategies, it just wasn’t the way we wanted to build our business or live our lives – always having to hunt for new prospects, constantly evaluating everyone in our minds as we talk to them, trying to find just the right moment to ‘pop the question’ and fit it into the conversation…

We joined Network Marketing so that it could support the lifestyle that we wanted to live, but instead, the exact opposite was happening…we were living a lifestyle we didn’t want to live in order to support our Network Marketing business.

We knew that there must be a better way – a more leveraged way – to build our business.Leah Kayak

And that’s when we decided to learn how to build our Network Marketing business online.

Prior to this, we had never built a website or written a blog, we had never used Twitter or Instagram to any meaningful extent, never uploaded a video to YouTube, and we had certainly never run paid advertising on the internet.

But within a few short months, we had absorbed every bit of training on those subjects and more.

And then we took massive action.

Todd and LeahWhenever we had any kind of new success (whether it was generating 1 lead a day, generating 5 leads a day, getting our first phone number, getting our first sign-up, etc), we made a point to always look for ways to improve upon what we had accomplished while doing our best to avoid ‘shiny object syndrome’, always staying focused on one or two strategies at a time until we mastered them.

As Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

If there is only one thing we could tell you about how to be successful in this business, it would be this…that there is no more effective way of achieving a high level of success than to connect with the people who are getting the results that you want in your business and to network with them.

Had it not been for the help of people like Adam Chandler, Justice Eagan, Mark Harbert, Bert Bledsoe, Diane Hochman, Matt and April Findley, Evan Bang, and many other leaders in this industry that we have had the honor of working with and learning from, we would not be where we are today.

Because when you network with leaders, what will happen is that you will grow into a leader. Because that’s what leaders do – they create other leaders.

Justice Leah Adam ToddAnd once you become a leader, that is when your business will gain major momentum and you will see a huge flow of leads, sales, and sign-ups into your business. But you need to become a leader first.

Because while it’s true that people join people (not companies)…it’s even more true that people don’t join desperate, pitchy, salesy people…they join leaders.

If you want to be a top earner in this industry, then you will need to become a leader first. And if you want to become a leader, you will need to connect with other leaders.

Not quite sure how to do that or where to start? Contacting us would be your ideal first step!