So you want to build an online business… maybe you even already have a great idea you are excited about, or you just know that you want to help & serve people (AND create time freedom for you & your family)… but here’s the deal… If you miss even one of these 3 critical steps outlined below, you are going to totally flop. Or even best-case scenario your growth will be stunted or unstable, meaning that you won’t reach your full income potential AND you won’t reach the people out there who are looking for the help you can provide.

So, I’m going to tell you the simplest way to do each of these for your specific business.

Step #1 For A Profitable Online Business

Step #1 is knowing EXACTLY who your product or service is for. You must always speak directly to only those people in all of your messaging online. If you have ever watched the show Shark Tank, you may have seen this, but when they ask the presenter who their product is for, the very worst thing they could say is “Everyone! Everyone needs this.” Because that is simply not true and it’s bad marketing.

The problem with trying to speak to everyone is that your message is too watered down and no one feels like you are speaking directly to them. You need to determine your target audience and craft your online brand around serving that specific audience. You need to fully understand who is mostly likely to take out their credit cards and make a purchase.

Then speak specifically to them. Speak to their challenges and struggles that you can help them overcome. Speak to the goals and dreams you can help them achieve. Use the same language that they use themselves.

Learning how to focus down on your target audience and truly tap into the thoughts that they have going on in their heads will allow you to not only build a loyal audience online, but you’ll be able to get them to take out their credit cards and actually make a purchase.

Now there are some exercises that you need to go through in order to really nail this down, so I’ll point you to where to find those at the end.

Step #2 For A Profitable Online Business

Step #2 that you MUST do to have a stable and growing business is to not just have an audience on social media, but to actually be building an email list, moving those people off of sites you don’t own, like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and getting them on an asset you do own, your email list.

The harsh reality is that you don’t own your social media channels, profiles, or pages and they can be taken away from you in a hot minute. Personally, Todd and I have had 2 separate Facebook business pages taken away from us without warning & without knowing why.

This can and WILL happen to you at one point or another if you stick around long enough.

So you need to work to generate leads, or just get people to opt-in for your email list. This is usually done by giving them a free PDF download or something they would find helpful that requires them to put in their email address to receive.

Once they’re on your email list, you can continue to nurture that relationship, giving them more value, and can sprinkle in occasional offers, creating repeat customers and raving fans.

Learning how to create repeat customers, people who continue to buy from you over & over again, is HUGE when it comes to growing your profits.

If you are starting to freak out, thinking that you have NO IDEA how to get people on an email list or what to do with them once they are on your list, don’t worry. We’ll help you figure that out at the end ?

Step #3 For A Profitable Online Business

Finally, the 3rd piece of the puzzle to put into place is diversified traffic. You need to build your audience from the billions of people online and to do so, you need to attract your specific target audience to you, getting them to see your offers. This could be on your Facebook business page, your blog, your YouTube channel, Instagram, or whatever other social channels you utilize. No matter what your offer is, you need people to see it and you need to keep growing the amount of people who you are reaching.

Beyond just reaching people, in order to have a really stable business, all of your traffic shouldn’t come from just one place, especially if that one place is a channel or account owned by someone else, like YouTube or Facebook. They have complete control over your business presence on their platforms, and you never want to leave that in someone else’s hands. If you diversify, if you are getting traffic from 2 (or more) separate places, you are building in an additional level of security for you and your family.

Often, the best plan is to be working both an organic strategy AND a paid strategy at the same time. So, for example, you might be building a YouTube channel as an organic strategy and also supplementing that with Facebook or Google ads.

Learning exactly HOW to generate traffic, and how to build an audience interested in your offer is often one of the biggest challenges people face when they are building an online business. There are different steps and strategies on each of the different platforms. And it can be overwhelming.

I know it was for us when we were first getting started. We knew we had to reach people, but didn’t have a clue how to do it. It sorta feels like you are Harry Potter setting out to destroy Voldemort’s horcruxes. You know you need to do it, but you don’t have any idea how AND unlike Harry, you don’t have a walking encyclopedia, Hermione Granger, in tow to help you out.

So to get started, we hired a coach (we basically hired our own Hermione) for a thousand dollars a month for several months, but we also spent several more thousands of dollars on different training courses teaching one strategy or the other.

Having a coach we could bounce things off of, get clarification on what we were learning in different courses was HUGE to being able to put it all together. I mean, Todd was a band teacher and I was a nurse before all this. What they were saying in those courses was often a foreign language to us. So we needed someone who could help us make sure we fully understood it all and how to apply it to our specific situation.

The problem with this, though, is that many people don’t have several thousands of dollars laying around to hire a coach to get this kind of help and feedback from before they start seeing money come into their business.

PLUS, we ended up spending a ton of money buying different marketing courses covering different strategies from different people. An email course from one person, a YouTube course from another. And while each had good information, each of the course creators had different overall marketing ‘flavors’ if you will. Different ways they viewed things and how things should be done.

And often times these online business gurus contradicted each other.

So we were bouncing around from one philosophy to the next. Making the process of growing our online business more confusing and more difficult than it needed to be.

So here’s the deal…. You need to learn how to nail down your target audience and then learn how to directly and powerfully speak to them. THEN, you need to learn how to move people onto an email list and how to nurture and market to that list over time. PLUS, you need to figure out how to generate traffic, or get more people to see your offer.

It’s a lot to figure out. I get it. I’ve been there. But we’ve come up with a way to help you put it all together. Imagine getting ALL of the training you need in one place, from the foundational pieces like defining your target audience and copywriting, to email marketing and generating traffic through YouTube or Instagram. Not just a one time course — but up-to-date training of what was currently working right now.

Imagine that all of these trainings fit together, with the same philosophies and guiding principles.

PLUS, imagine that you were able to get actual feedback, live interaction, and insights for YOUR business. So you not only had access to the training itself, but truly understood how to implement it for your specific business.

AND you were part of a supportive community that was learning & growing together. AND it’s actually affordable while you are working to get your business into profits.

Click HERE to check out our program that pulls all of this together for you. Since you are coming to us thru this article, as a member of our audience and not just a random ad, you can actually lock in a 50% lifetime discount to the program.

I’m really excited to start working with you and helping you create the business & life you deserve.

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