Facebook Groups are a very effective and FREE Facebook marketing strategy to grow your business, BUT if you have very little, or no engagement in your group, it’s just a waste of time.

In this article, I’m going to teach you 5 different hacks to boost your group’s engagement so you can generate leads and makes sales on Facebook for free. Plus, if you read to the very end, you’ll learn a bonus tip that will make everything you do in your group more effective!

Now to really maximize your group to generate the most sales and leads from it, you’ll have to not just implement 1 or 2 of these hacks, but you really need to leverage all 5.

On top of that, to make these effective, you need to keep the overall framework in mind that your group needs to be a place that people come to get value and support. It’s not just a place to pitch your product or service.

Focus on providing value and building up the community. Then when you occasionally sprinkle in a direct promotion to them, they will be warmed up and ready to take the next step

Now we’re going to start with #5 and leave the best for last.

Group Engagement Hack #5: Set Expectations From The Start

Use the questions people are asked to answer when requesting access to your group to set the expectation of what the group is about and that they should plan to be an active member.

While this may sound too easy, it’s an important first step. People may have come across your group and plan to spam junk into it. This will dissuade them from joining and get people prepared to participate.

Now when it comes to group settings, I prefer to have a group marked as Private and only to let the Admin’s approve requests to join as this helps to make the Membership Questions more effective.

“To make sure this is group is super helpful & active, we require all new members to understand that this isn’t a Spam group, and that you’ll need to follow the rules. Type AGREE below if you understand, will follow the rules, AND be an ACTIVE member”

Where do you set this up?

You get to the Membership questions under the Edit Group Settings screen.

That is found under the “More” button on desktop.

It’s even easier though on Mobile.

Simply click on the “Admin” button on the upper right corner of the screen when you are in the group and select the option for Membership Questions.

Group Engagement Hack #4: Weekly Check-In

Provide a check-in post at least once a week. This is a post that asks your members to share something in particular.

Our group is centered around helping online entrepreneurs grow their business.

We ask them to share the content they are releasing for the week as a comment on a specific post. This gives our members an opportunity to share what they are working on, encourages them to take the action they should be doing to build their business, AND helps them get more eyes on their content, and we require people to watch or read the other shared content before posting theirs.

On top of all that, it benefits the group engagement, as it gets lots of people to comment on the post, which tells Facebook to show it to more people, increasing the reach of the post.

What should you ask them to share?

Now what you are asking them to share is VERY specific to what your group is about. If it’s a weight-loss group, ask them to share their personal goals for the week, or their NSVs or Non-Scale Victories.

If it’s a food, recipe, or nutrition type group, you can ask them to share what they are planning to cook or new recipes they want to try this week. Or even pictures of their meal prepping.

When it’s something people care about, they love to share, so give them a reason to, helping to build up the community atmosphere and the engagement within your group.

Group Engagement Hack #3: Don’t Post Links

Whether you are trying to share your latest YouTube video with your group, a lead magnet, or even just an interesting article or resource that you found, if you post the link directly in the in group, it will have a very low reach because Facebook doesn’t want people leaving Facebook.

Instead, they want people to stay on Facebook as long as they can, so they aren’t going to show that post to many people.

Adding a link to a post will be a negative hit against you with the Facebook algorithm.

What do you do instead?

There are really 2 options, and one is definitely better than the other.

The first and easiest option is to create the post telling them about you are sharing and letting them know that the link to check it out is in the comments. This is a fast option to use if you don’t have a lot of time to engage back with your community.

BUT the better way to do it is to tell them to Reply or Comment “ME” or “INFO” below to get the link.

Then, when someone comments, shoot them a private message with the link.

I realize that this can be somewhat time intensive depending on the size of your group, but it is crazy effective. You’ll get more and more people commenting on the post, which tells Facebook to show it to more people. Then, the more people who see it, the more people who comment.

We’ve had hundreds of comments on a post to receive a link. It’s kinda funny, as eventually the requests for it will slow down, but then a few months later, someone will find it, comment, and it starts all over again.

This works well.. And if you think this is good, just wait for the next couple tips plus the bonus hack.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Group Engagement Hack #2: Run Workshops, Contests, or Challenges

This is pure gold for a pretty dead group, taking a group with very little to no engagement and lighting it up again.

Once a month or every couple months, run a live challenge, contest, or workshop through your group.

For example, we recently did a content creation contest for our group.

It was a 10-day long contest where each day I went live teaching them something about creating content to build their business.

Our members were encouraged to create a piece of content for each of the 10 days. Then, for every piece of content they submitted to the group, they were entered into a drawing were they could win coaching from us, some tools to help them build their business, or some of our digital products.

Not only did this provide amazing value to the group, they re-engaged with the community, encouraged them to take action, and with all of the posting and sharing within the group, the organic reach of the group’s posts went way up.

On top of all that, we used this as an opportunity to promote the group and get more members. We promoted it across all of our social media platforms and our email list.

So it both increased the engagement within the group and added new members to it. Really was a Win-Win all around.

If I had the time, I would do something like this on a monthly basis. Currently, I’ve been doing it every couple months or so.

What are other examples of what people are doing?

Folks are doing Intermittent Fasting Challenges, Clean Eating Challenges, Setting up your Blog Workshops, Step Count or Exercise Challenges, Meal Prep Challenges…

The sky is the limit, just make sure that it is in line with what you audience wants and joined your group for in the first place.

Now the bonus hack is coming up after this next one, so stick around as it will not only help you with your group engagement, but you can use it boost your organic reach on your Facebook page and personal profile.

Finally… this has MASSIVE potential to create a super loyal and engaged group…

Group Engagement Tip #1 — Go Live Weekly

A golden tip to create more engagement in your group is to offer LIVE group Q&A or coaching on a weekly basis! Optimally, you would have this scheduled for the same time every week, and it can only be for 10 minutes if you’d like.

It’s just something that your community can rely on, they can pop on and ask any questions live. You can even pull them out onto the LIVE if they’d like.

Just make a post announcing it a couple days in advance and probably a 10-minute warning post as well, then hit that LIVE button.

And if you are nervous that no one will show up or ask any questions, you can simply come up with a few most frequently asked questions ahead of time. PLUS, then you can prepare for it a bit.

BONUS Facebook Group Engagement Hack

Every single time that you make a post ANYWHERE on Facebook… ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, include a photo! Even if that means you just grab an old selfie off your phone, or you quick make an image off of Canva.

The Facebook algorithm definitely prefers to show people posts that have pictures instead of just text.

For example, if you are making a post to offer them your latest YouTube video, you should tell them to “Comment or Reply for the link in the comments”, AND you should upload the video thumbnail with the post.

If it’s an article you found, grab a screenshot of the title and first couple lines.

But repeat after me…..

I will never ever, ever, like Taylor Swift EVER, again make a post I want people to see without adding a picture.

To go even further with this, you NEED to watch this video where I share 9 hacks you can use to increase your engagement and organic reach on either your Facebook business page OR personal profile.

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