How to Find and Recruit MLM Leaders

So, sooner or later, everyone who sticks with a network marketing company long enough learns a valuable lesson.  NOT ALL RECRUITS ARE CREATED EQUAL.  Convincing your reluctant cousin to join, who does nothing and ends up quitting within the year doesn’t pay off in the long run.  When you’ve seen this play out with enough people, once you’ve dried those tears, you learn that valuable lesson. Why waste your time and energy recruiting duds?  You start asking yourself how to find MLM leaders; how do you recruit amazing MLM leaders that will jump on the opportunity and run with it?  Here are 5 helpful tips on how to find MLM leaders.

How to Find and Recruit MLM Leaders #1 – Say NO!

If you are asking yourself how to find MLM leaders, you are already on your way to figuring this tip out.  The more time you spend prospecting, chasing down, & recruiting duds, the less time you have to find high quality recruits.  This means knowing when to bow out.  If you start talking to someone and its hard to carry on an intelligent conversation, they just don’t seem like a go-getter, or just someone you don’t want to work with, believe it or not, you can bow out.  A quick “I don’t think is a good fit for you” or you can even dress it up a bit “You seem great, but this isn’t what you are looking for” can quickly bring the conversation to an end and give you back your time to look for the big fish.

How to Find and Recruit MLM Leaders #2 – Location

So, you want a big fish?  Where are you looking?  You’re not going to catch a whale by fishing in a pond.  Ask yourself, where are you talking to people?  Is this a place that you would find a high percentage of highly motivated, successful go-getters?  Think about the general population at your local Dollar General or Walmart.  How likely do you think it is that you would find your diamond in the rough there?  Now, compare that to a population at a professionals networking meeting, local real estate investors meetup, or a charity dinner at $100 a plate.  See the difference?  Where do you think you’ll find MLM leaders?

How to Find and Recruit MLM Leaders #3 – Messaging

Messaging is SUPER important.  Whether you’re posting on social media or having a conversation ask yourself what type of people you will attract with the verbiage and messaging you are using.  Posting pictures of cash raining down like some gold-chained rapper’s music video, talking about “easy,” “quick,” & “fast” isn’t going to find you someone who knows how to work hard to get great results.

How to Find and Recruit MLM Leaders #4 – Like Attracts Like

This may sound too simple, but it’s very important not to overlook.  You need to act like the leader you want to attract.  You need to act like someone that a successful, highly-motivated person would want to follow.  Do the people you know see you as confident, driven, & hardworking?  If not, it’s time to change their perception and start working on you.  This won’t happen overnight, but working on personal development is key.  Become the person you would want on your team!

How to Find and Recruit MLM Leaders #5 – Posture & Confidence

I need you to be real for a second and ask yourself truthfully, when you interact with a prospect, how do you come across?  Are you the needy network marketer begging for sales or a distributor, the annoyingly pitchy, overly hypey, in your face salesman, or a confident entrepreneur building a multi-million dollar business?  This will take time and practice to improve on, but without mastering this tip, the chances of recruiting a rock star are slim-to-none.

Alright, go forth & conquer!  These amazing 5 tips on How to Find MLM Leaders should get you on the right track to find your rock stars.  Ready to hone these skills?  Click this link for a free webinar by one of the industry’s best leaders on how to sponsor like a pro.

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Leah Rae

Leah Rae


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