MLM BlogIf you have searched for insights on how to help you build your network marketing business online, you are virtually guaranteed to have run into someone’s MLM blog. An MLM blog is a great platform for building your business & if you are at all looking into building your business online, you should really look into creating your own MLM blog.

Here are 7 reasons you need an MLM blog to build your business online!

MLM Blog Reason #1 – You Own It

Unlike the other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram, YOU own your blog. This is super important because if you don’t own it, ultimately, you don’t control it. If another party owns your account, they can shut you down at any time for whatever reason they choose. This does happen, and it has happened to the biggest names in the business. Wouldn’t it suck to spend all your time & resources building up a fan page on Facebook just to have them shut down your page & you have to start from scratch?

MLM Blog Reason #2 – Instant Credibility & Authority

Having your own blog instantly gives you credibility and authority to those you encounter online. People will follow those they see as leaders and having your own MLM blog will help them see you as a leader they can follow.

MLM Blog Reason #3 – Stand Out from the Competition

As with all business, you want to stand out from your competition. Having an MLM blog helps you do just that. How many people have you run into online that constantly pitch their business? There is nothing unique about them. They are a dime a dozen & it’s SUPER annoying. Having a blog gives you a platform to provide helpful, insightful information to your key audience. If you can provide value to them, you stand out as being helpful & they are MUCH more likely to join your opportunity. This is all about attraction marketing, which we talk about in Supercharge Your Lead Generation With Attraction Marketing! If you want to learn more about attraction marketing, click here.

MLM Blog Reason #4 – Long Term Return

One AMAZING thing about a blog post is that you do the work once and it’s available online forever bringing traffic and a captive audience to you! How great is it that you could spend a couple hours now creating a post that can lead people to you for years to come?!

MLM Blog Reason #5 – Exposure

If you want to build a great organization, you need to get your opportunity in front of a lot of people.  And before you can get your opportunity in front of people, you need to get yourself in front of people. If they never hear of you (online or in person) you’ll never get the opportunity to share your business with them. You can build a great audience with your MLM blog.

MLM Blog Reason #6 – Attract Quality Leads

For anyone that has ever struggled to get leads in their business, this reason is key – with an MLM blog, you will attract QUALITY leads. You can use your MLM blog to attract just the right kind of people for your business based on how you tailor your posts. If you have ever tried cold market recruiting, you can really appreciate how important it is to not waste your time and get quality leads.

MLM Blog Reason #7 – Educate the Market

An MLM blog is a great tool to educate the market. You can use it to educate on your product or service, but what I like even better is to help educate the network marketing industry on how to be successful & professional. How many people today roll their eyes when they hear “network marketing” or “multilevel marketing”? This is because so many people do it poorly and badger people with their products and opportunity like an annoying, pushy used car salesman. If we can help others in the industry run their business well & in a professional manner, we can elevate the industry as a whole.

Now that you’ve seen what an MLM blog can do for you and your business, want to get started? Or are you someone who has fiddled with one in the past but just don’t know where to go with it? Click here for some great free training from one of the industry’s best on how get started with your own blog!

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Leah Rae

Leah Rae

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