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Leah Rae and I had an awesome opportunity to attend the Milehigh Mastermind in Dever, CO last weekend. We got to meet and work with some of the top leaders in Network Marketing on the internet today as well as connect with many of the future leaders in the business.

One of the rock star Network Marketers we were able to meet was Mark Harbert, who is one of my heroes in this business. I don’t think I’ve seen a single training he’s done where I didn’t learn something awesome and new. His Tube Traffic Mojo course is THE course to get if you’re considering doing anything on YouTube at all.

Now, we don’t do much with YouTube yet, but that course is so good, in fact, that the information I got from it has helped us to rank several of our blog posts on the first page of Google (since both YouTube and Google are technically search engines the training transferred easily).

But one of the questions I asked Mark during this event was ‘what is the fastest way to get results in your Network Marketing business’.

Now, I expected him to say something like Facebook PPC ads or YouTube PPC ads or maybe prospecting people through direct messaging on Facebook. But his answer actually surprised me at first.

Todd Getts and Mark HarbertInstead of doing any of that, what Mark recommended was presenting to your warm market – your family and friends. He said that this was still the best and fastest way to get results in your business. And once you’ve done that, once you’ve presented to all of your family and friends, that is when you typically should turn to cold market tactics and online marketing.

And once he said it, it made total sense to me. And here’s why…

The biggest problem people have in building their Network Marketing businesses is generating leads. Almost all of the training that is made and bought is centered around how to generate leads. Once you know how to generate leads, success is only a matter of time. It just becomes a numbers game at that point.

Generate ‘x’ amount of leads, to get ‘x’ number of presentations, to get ‘x’ number of sign ups.

But it all starts with how many leads you can generate. It may take several months to a year to learn the skills, get the tools, and establish your online presence to the point where you are generating leads on a consistent basis.

But what a lot of people overlook is that they already have a contact list full of 200+ leads that they can present to right now. And what happens is that you either disqualify people because you don’t think they’d be interested, or you don’t present to your family and friends because you’re afraid of what they’ll think of you.

Both of these excuses are harmful to your business. Let me explain why…

They Wouldn’t Be Interested

If you’re not presenting to your warm market because you don’t think they’d be interested, you could be missing out on a major opportunity and leaving money on the table. Because guess what? When our friend presented her Network Marketing opportunity to us, I wasn’t interested.

Not only was I not interested, but I was flat out against it. But my wife wanted to be a good friend and she bought some products anyways. One thing led to another and here we are.

If our friend had disqualified us before we had ever gotten a chance to say yes or no, not only would she have missed out on recruiting her top producing distributors, but WE would have missed out on the biggest opportunity of our lives.

So the next time you think about not presenting to someone because you think they wouldn’t be interested, you need to ask yourself ‘would I want Todd and Leah Rae in MY downline?’. If the answer is yes, then you’d better start presenting to those people.

You’re Afraid Of What Your Friends And Family Will Think

If you’re not presenting to your family and friends because you’re afraid of what they’ll think of you, then you’ve got a major hurdle to overcome. That fear is a symptom of an even bigger problem because you will never be successful as an entrepreneur while that fear lurks over you.

That fear of what others think of you will hold you back from getting out of your comfort zone, from making the big decisions and making the big moves with your business, and from putting yourself out there in a position to succeed.

To be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to get out of your comfort zone…waaaay out of your comfort zone. You need to have the courage to fail and get back up and try again. And you need to have the courage to fail over and over again until you succeed.

If you are afraid of what others will think of you, you will never have the courage to take that first step out of your comfort zone. It’s true that while in your comfort zone you will very rarely, if ever, experience failure. But the flip side of that is that you won’t ever experience success as an entrepreneur either.

Sitting in your comfort zone is like sitting in the bleachers at a basketball game. The people in the bleachers will cheer and boo the people on the court.

If you’re afraid of what the people in the bleachers will think of you – if you’re afraid of missing a shot and being booed, then you’ll never take the shots you need to take to win the game. In order to win the game, you need to have the courage to take a shot and miss. Make sense?

So if you haven’t presented to your family and friends yet, you may be missing out on the fastest route to success in your business. There is nothing you can do either online or offline that will give you a free list of 200+ leads who will pick up the phone and talk to you when you call. And if they don’t answer the phone and you leave a message, they will get back to you almost 100% of the time. There is absolutely no other lead source that will do that for you.

Now, if you HAVE already presented to all of your family and friends, we’ve found this system to be the fastest way to get results with your business online.

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Todd Getts

Todd A. Getts



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