Punched In The FaceEntrepreneurs Gotta Know How To Get Punched In The Face

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” – Mike Tyson

This is one of my favorite quotes. The Navy Seals actually have a saying that is very similar – “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.”

Basically, the point that both of these quotes are making is that planning for an activity only gets you so far. Preparation and training are, by far, much more important to your success. In any business, you need to be able to adapt to dynamic situations, and having a plan is only the first part of the equation.

This is because success in the business world depends on your skills…your speaking skills, your relationship-building skills, your marketing skills, your sales skills. And skills only improve when you practice them.

Think of it this way…

You can read all of the books and study every video on how to throw a football, but the only thing that will actually improve your football throwing skills is getting out on the field and throwing the football around.

And it’s not just about standing in one spot and throwing the football, you also need to practice throwing the football moving left, right, backwards, and forward for distances between 5 and 25 yards, and under pressure from the defense.

In The Business World…

In your business, you can plan out exactly what to say when someone asks you how your product compares to the competition. You can rehearse your answer and memorize all of the facts, figures, and studies.

But when you have to give this answer in a real-life situation, you also need to be able to present your response in a confident, relaxed manner and in a non-defensive tone. You also need to know how to stay in control of a conversation and how to respond when your customer throws you a curve-ball and starts disputing what you’re saying.

In addition to all of that, you need to be able to read your customer and figure out WHY they’re asking the question. Do they really want to know if your energy shake has the best nutritional profile, or are they just using that objection as an excuse not to buy?

You Need To Be A “Doer”

I would estimate that about 80% – 90% of what you need to learn to be a successful entrepreneur is going to be learned through doing. And I would further argue that this is exactly the reason why most entrepreneurs fail in their business…because most people just aren’t doers.

As Bruce Lee would say, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

And this is why your success is completely dependent on YOU. All of the training and support and knowledge of WHAT you need to do to be successful is out there. A lot of it is available for free. But the one thing that can’t be provided by someone else – the doing – is all up to you.


But before you can “apply” and “do”, you need to have some knowledge and a plan to apply and take action on, right?

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Todd Getts

Todd A. Getts



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