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If you haven’t started using Social Media to generate Network Marketing leads yet, you’re missing out. Having generated MLM leads using almost every offline and online strategy out there, we’ve found that generating MLM leads on Social Media is what gives us the cheapest, most leveraged, high quality MLM leads possible.

Now, before I go any further, this is going to be a lengthy blog post. If you’d rather watch a video training on this same subject (I also prefer to watch the movie instead of read the book), you can check that out right here.

Getting The Best Network Marketing Leads on Twitter

Twitter has been a great source for Network Marketing leads in our business. One of the great things about it is that Twitter has a lot of the same targeting and analytics functionality that Facebook has, you can gain followers without having to pay for a “likes” campaign, and you can get away with a lot of things that Facebook would shut down your account for.

The downside is that due to the loose rules, Twitter is flooded with a bunch of marketers spamming their opportunity everywhere and sending automated direct messages to everyone offering you a “secret” video, unlimited MLM leads, asking what your biggest struggle is in your business, or just trying to pitch their products and opportunity to you outright.

So in that sense, generating the best Network Marketing leads on Twitter can be difficult because everyone is desensitized to many of the marketing tactics that people use to generate Free Network Marketing leads.

But that doesn’t mean generating Network Marketing leads on Twitter isn’t worth the effort. It just means that you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd – which, honestly, is what you need to do on EVERY social media platform in order to be successful.

So here is our 5 Step Twitter Strategy for Generating The Best Network Marketing Leads

Step 1 – Attract Network Marketing Leads With Your Profile and Bio

The general rule with your bio and profile is that you want your audience to get to know, like, and trust you. They need to know what you can do for them.

People don’t care what you’re selling and they don’t care what company you’re promoting. In Network Marketing, people don’t join companies. People join people.

So the question you need to answer for others who are looking at your bio and profile is NOT why they should join your company. The question in their minds that you need to answer is why they should join YOU.

Network Marketing Leads – Twitter Profile Setup

Make sure your profile pic looks professional. Make sure it’s a picture of your face – not your company logo, not your kids, and not your pets. People need to see that you’re a real person and they need to be able to connect your name with your face.

If your background image has people in it, then you should be one of the people. But having just a nice scenic background of a beach or forest is fine.

You can find some great images that are free for commercial use on websites like,, and

Network Marketing Leads – What’s In It For Me?

Be sure to put some words on your background image and in your bio that say who you are and what you can do for others.

For example, if you’re in a health and wellness company, you may help people lose weight, have more energy, and gain financial freedom in the process.

If you’re in a travel company, you can say you help people travel to places they’ve only ever dreamed of going, or maybe you help people quit the jobs they hate and take vacations for a living instead.

Try to be creative with it, but be careful not to give it too much “hype”. It’s a fine line to cross and you may have to experiment with it a bit to get it right.

Step 2 – The Best Network Marketing Leads Come From a Large, Targeted Audience

Before you do anything, you need to know who you’re targeting. What kind of person would be most interested in your products and opportunity?

What OTHER Twitter profiles would they be following?

These can seem like a silly questions to ask, but these are very important questions to answer.

If you’re in a health and wellness company, you may be looking for people who follow Dr. Oz or on Twitter.

If you’re in a travel MLM, you may be targeting people who follow travel and vacation type profiles on Twitter like Delta Vacations or Carnival Cruises.

If you’re in an energy/utilities company that only operates in certain states, then you will want to target homeowners in a certain geographic area.

Get Network Marketing Leads by “Copying Followers”

Once you identify the other Twitter profiles that your target audience would be following, you can use an app like Crowdfire, Unfollowers, Tweepi, etc. to “copy the followers” of those other Twitter profiles.

Basically, the way it works is that those apps will allow you to see who is following (for example) Dr. Oz on Twitter. You can then follow the people who are following Dr. Oz. Some of the people will choose to follow you back.

The other great thing about these apps is that they allow you to see who isn’t following you back. So after a few days, you check out who hasn’t followed you back and unfollow them. Then start the whole process over again.

Being aggressive and consistent with this strategy, Leah Rae and I are able to gain anywhere from 1,500 to 4,000+ laser-targeted followers every month on Twitter.

Turn Your Massive, Laser-Targeted Audience into Network Marketing Leads

This is where the magic happens. Steps 3-5 detail exactly how to generate the best MLM leads and get sales and sign-ups for your business.

When you create a professional profile and bio and then work diligently on building a large, targeted audience, generating Network Marketing leads on Twitter becomes the easy part.

Unfortunately, going into all of the details on how to make that happen would turn this blog post into a 10 page manual.

But don’t worry because I’ve got something even better than a blog post in store for you.

What is it? A free webinar maybe?

Nope…even BETTER!

A whole video training series on how to generate the best MLM leads on social media on autopilot with specific strategies for each social media platform including Twitter.

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