Looking for a professional-looking free landing page builder that you can use in your online business?

It’s possible to create a free landing page with something like MailChimp or a free WordPress site with free plugins, but they usually don’t give you the nice, clean, professional look that you really want in a high-converting landing page.

A great option for this is to use a free ManyChat account to create a Facebook Messenger Bot opt-in page.

Facebook Messenger Bot like ManyChat allows you to create a stand-alone page for people to opt-in to in order to receive your lead magnet (eg. free PDF, a video, a coupon code, etc). You don’t need any additional websites or tools to set it up – just a Facebook business page (which is also free).

So in this ManyChat tutorial, you will learn different ways to use FB Messenger bots in your business and how to create a simple, yet professional-looking landing page that you can use in your business!

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