[FREE] 5 Day Facebook Recruiting Workshop
Build Your Downline And Earn As You Learn!
What You Will Learn In This Workshop...
  • DAY 1: The psychological triggers that make people want to buy and join, and learn how and why cold market is different from warm market recruiting.
  •  DAY 2: How to identify and find people who will be the most interested in YOUR opportunity and then get them to reach out to YOU instead of chase after them! 
  •  DAY 3: The #1 question you need to answer is "why should I join YOU?" Learn how to position yourself as the person everyone wants to join even if you haven't had any success yet. 
  •  DAY 4: Never run out of prospects by keeping your pipeline full. Learn how to steadily grow your online audience with small, consistent, daily activities. 
  •  DAY 5: Want to do more in less time? Learn the secrets to automating parts of the recruiting process with some simple online tools.
Enrollment Closes In...
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