MLM Attraction MarketingHow Get More Sales And Sign-Ups Without Being “Salesy”

It’s one of the biggest catch-22’s in business…the fact that people love to buy things, but they hate being sold. In fact, the more you try to sell someone on something, the less likely they will actually be to buy.

The problem that many entrepreneurs have when promoting their business online is that the things they think will convince people to buy and join are actually the things that make people feel like they’re being “sold”.

So, as a business owner (especially if you’re a new business), how to do you promote your product, service, or opportunity without making your audience feel like you’re trying to “sell” them on it?

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Informing vs. Selling

The answer is a marketing strategy called “Attraction Marketing“. More and more, successful businesses are turning towards value-based marketing strategies that attract customers to them.

The reason why it works is because it makes the customer feel like they’re being informed rather than sold. And consumers are much more likely to make a decision to buy when they feel they’re fully informed.

The reason for this is because when you inform a customer, they feel like the decision to buy is theirs, while on the other hand, when you try to sell them on something, they are more likely to feel like the decision isn’t necessarily theirs – that it’s something you’re trying to force onto them.

Know, Like, Trust

Attraction Marketing is also a strategy that goes a long way in generating trust and rapport, which are essential in making sales and getting sign-ups.

In fact, people will ONLY buy from and join those that they know, like, and trust. If that “know, like, trust” factor isn’t there, people will go elsewhere to buy what they want.

This is why Amazon will sell more of the exact same product than other online retailers, even when they don’t have the lowest price. People are familiar with Amazon, they’ve most likely bought from Amazon before, and they trust Amazon’s service.

And that’s the major error people make when they just blast people with sales pitches on their products and opportunity. It makes people feel like they’re being sold when they don’t necessarily know, like, or trust them yet.

Social Media Attraction Marketing Strategy

There are many ways that you can implement Attraction Marketing into your online marketing strategy, and this is something that can be done on practically any social media platform.

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