Screaming Kids At HomeHow To Call Prospects When You Have Noisy, Screaming Kids At Home

Silence is golden. But due to a certain attention-seeking 2 year old, we don’t get much of it in our household.

Unfortunately, the one tool you can’t build your Network Marketing business without is a telephone. The fortune is in the follow up, right? That’s where all the sales and sign ups happen.

And your worst fear is getting a prospect on the phone and presenting yourself as a serious, confident, successful entrepreneur and suddenly, your 2 year old has a meltdown and there is no escaping the noise.

I’m sure many of you can relate to this situation.

Ideally, you would have a nice, quiet office to work in and a spouse, family member, or friend to manage the munchkins for at least a few hours a day while you make your phone calls, but this isn’t always possible.

You can try to schedule your calls around nap time, but it’s often easier to predict what the stock market will do than predict what time a 2 year old will fall asleep and wake up.

Even if your little one is playing nicely, it seems like their favorite toy is always one of those noisy VTech toys.

So What Do You Do When The Inevitable Happens?

First of all, don’t panic. Don’t let your prospect feel like you’re trying to hide the fact that you work from home and have kids.

I think the fear people have is that if you sound like a stay-at-home parent with little kids running around screaming, people won’t take you seriously or they’ll think that you aren’t successful.

And truthfully, there may be a number of people who WILL think that. But the flip side to that is that there will also be a lot of people who would love to be able to work from home and spend time with their kids.

So here are a few things you need to keep in mind about your situation.

1) Who Do You Want To Work With?

Do you really want to become business partners with someone who would look down on your for spending time with your kids while you work from home?

Do you really want to have to put up an act all day, every day and pretend you don’t work from home and have kids?

Or would you rather work with a bunch of other people just like you who understand your situation, who can relate to your struggles, and who WANTS to work from home with their screaming kids running around just like you do?

2) Who Are You Marketing To?

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that you want to recruit as many people as possible and you don’t want to exclude anyone.

But there’s a well known saying in marketing that goes like this…If you’re marketing to everybody, you’re marketing to nobody.

And here’s an analogy to illustrate my point…

Let’s say Leah is about to speak on stage and she wants to look her best. So she starts looking for a place to get her hair cut, styled, and colored in a very specific way.

She has two options. One is to go to the local salon that cuts hair for everybody in town. They even groom pets, shear sheep and alpacas, and their price is very reasonable. If it has hair or fur, they’ll cut it.

The second option is to go to the hip new hair salon 40 miles away that specializes in the newest women’s hair styles. Their price is twice as much as the local salon, but every stylist’s hair is very fashionable and trendy. One even has the exact look that Leah wants done on herself.

Now, obviously, the first salon is casting a very wide net. They will get some business, but their customers can go anywhere to get what they are offering. Anyone who is serious about their hairstyle will probably go elsewhere.

The 2nd salon will get most of their business from a very specific niche. But everyone in that niche will know that THIS is the place to go. Their target market is very specific and their customers are very loyal.

See the difference? The first salon is trying to market to everybody, and in doing so, they are marketing to nobody. The second salon has a specific market they are trying to attract, and they get much more business because of it.

3) To Attract, You Need To Repel

This little saying sounds polarizing, but here’s the way you need to think about it…

Like attracts like. By being yourself, you will attract others like you. And these are the best people for you to work with. They relate well to you, they have similar struggles, they have the same goals, and you can all take a similar path to achieve those goals. And consequently, these are your ideal prospects.

But by doing this, you will also tend to repel people who are very different from you. You may repel people who don’t like kids. You may also repel people who don’t think very much of stay-at-home parents. But the good news is that these types of people would be horrible business partners to begin with.

So when I say that in order to attract, you must repel, I’m saying that in order to attract the best prospects (those who are most like you), you must also be willing to repel those who are very different from you.

If you try to be everything to everybody, you won’t attract or repel anyone.

Final Advice For Parents With Screaming Kids At Home

For the sake of your sanity, do your best to mitigate the situation. Try to do your calls during nap time, or if possible, after bedtime. See if a friend or family member can help out with the kids for a few hours a day. Take the batteries out of the loudest toys.

But when the inevitable happens and your child experiences a level 10 meltdown in the middle of calling a prospect, just go with it. Don’t act embarrassed or frustrated or angry about it. Make your work-from-home lifestyle part of the conversation.

Turn it into an opportunity to discuss how you love being able to stay at home with your kids even though you have to put up with the occasional (or even frequent) temper tantrums.

It will attract the best prospects to you and repel the ones who are not right for your team. And that’s a good thing!

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