Haters Gonna HateHow To Deal With Haters On Social Media

If you’re building your Network Marketing business online, you are no doubt creating content and distributing it on social media.

And if that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before an internet troll comes along and drops a nasty comment down on one of your posts. It may not happen very often, but at some point, it will happen.

What do you do? How do you respond to the haters on social media?

Your Worst Nightmare

We all have this natural fear of what others think of us. It can be scary bringing your business online at first. Once something goes on the internet, it is there forever for all future generations of the entire world to see.

“Will people like my blog posts?”

“Will people think this is a scam or pyramid scheme?”

“Do I look fat in this video?”

“Do I sound like an idiot?”

So when an internet troll comes along, calls us out, and validates our worst fears, it can feel devastating.

And maybe it isn’t so much that you’re worried about what they think, you’re probably more concerned that others will agree with him or that others will see his comment and you’ll lose all potential customers.

Ways You Can Respond

When you get a negative comment (even just a mild one), there’s a good chance that you will have a strong desire to respond in some way.

You might get defensive and tell him how much of an idiot he is, or maybe you’ll try to respond more politely with a logical, well thought out justification of what you posted in an attempt to persuade him and anyone else observing that conversation.

Whichever way you respond to the haters on social media, you lose.

The Big Question – ‘Why?’

So you have to ask yourself, why do you feel the need to respond?

The fact of the matter is that the reason they do what they do is the same reason why you want to respond…ego.

Do you feel the need to be right? Do you need to prove them wrong? Do you need to win an argument? Do you seek their approval or agreement?

What you need to know is that you will never win an argument with a troll or hater. No matter how convincing your arguments may be, they will never say, “Oh, I’m so sorry. Now that you’ve explained it to me, I realize that I was wrong and you were right.”

The only thing responding will do is feed the troll. Put simply, “haters gonna hate”.

Play Big

Not only will you be feeding the trolls, but it will engage you in a small, petty argument that should be below you.

You need to play bigger than that.

Don’t let them bring you down to size. Don’t let them distract you from your vision and your dream. Don’t let them take any of that away from you.

Keeping Your Eyes On Your Destination

Think of it this way…you’re in your car driving to your favorite vacation spot. You want to get there as fast as possible, so you’re in the left lane going a bit over the speed limit.

Slow Left Lane DriverYou come up on another car in the left lane going 5 mph below the speed limit. There’s no one in the right lane, but he won’t move over. What do you do?

Many people will sit there and tailgate the slow left-lane driver, flashing their brights and honking their horn until he moves over for them.

And what does the slow left-lane driver do? He stays in the left lane and maybe does a brake check. If he comes across a semi in the right lane going 10 mph under, he’ll slow down to match the truck driver’s speed so there’s no way you can get around him. He’ll do everything he can to make you even more angry.

And the whole encounter becomes a silly duel of egos. No one wins and you lose valuable vacation time.

These people have lost sight of their destination. They let the slow left-lane driver distract them and prevent them from getting where they want to go.

This is what happens when you engage the haters.

People who keep sight of their destination simply pass the slow left-lane drivers in the right lane without a second thought. They have laser-like focus and determination to reach their destination and they won’t let someone who is in no hurry to get anywhere in life slow them down and distract them.

What Would Ray Higdon Do?

Here’s a great question that I often ask myself when I don’t know what to do in a situation…”what would Ray Higdon do?” Or what would ANY Network Marketing leader do?

Do you see Ray Higdon getting into arguments in his comment box on Facebook?

Do you see Adam Chandler trying to defend himself from negative comments on Twitter?

Do you see Mark Harbert responding to any negativity on his videos on YouTube?


Because they play big. And so should you.

The Best Way To Respond

The best way to respond to negative comments is simply not to.

The fact of the matter is that some people will love what you do and the value you provide on social media.

Others will hate what you’re doing. And still others won’t care what you’re doing one way of the other.

You need to put your time and energy into the people who do appreciate what you’re doing and forget about the others.

Reach Your Destination Faster

One way to make the trolls and haters on social media less and less significant is by building a huge audience who love what you’re doing.

We’ve been able to do this in a relatively short amount of time thanks to this training right here. For us, it’s proven to be the fastest, easiest way to grow a large audience online for free.

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Take Care!

Todd Getts

Todd A. Getts



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  1. Scott Moore on November 14, 2017 at 4:09 am

    Good article on this subject and well put. I delete and block haters when possible and certainly don’t ever respond to them.

    You did a good job writing this.

    Scott Moore

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