How To Get MLM Leads On AutopilotHow To Get MLM Leads on Autopilot

Hustling for MLM leads is not easy work. In fact, it’s very hard work. When you are doing all of the work to generate your own Network Marketing leads, you can easily work all day just to get a handful of phone numbers.

And when you call those phone numbers, many of them won’t answer their phones. If you leave a message, very few ever call you back. Of the ones that you do manage to speak to, 90% or more of them will not even be remotely interested in your opportunity.

How To Get MLM Leads – Going Online

At that point, many people will turn to online lead generation strategies. This usually means posting your opportunity and product info to relevant social media groups and pages as well as prospecting people by direct messaging a bunch of strangers.

These strategies are more leveraged than offline techniques, but still require a bunch of work. And what most people find is that doing this yields very few results.

You may get a few people who are curious about what you’re doing, and some of them may click on your links, but no one contacts you, no one buys anything from your online store, and no one ever signs up as a rep.

How To Get MLM Leads – Why What You’re Doing Doesn’t Work

So here’s the main reason why what you’re doing isn’t working…

When you post about your products and opportunity, and when you direct message people about your products and opportunity, what you’re doing isn’t generating MLM leads. What you’re doing is pitching and selling.

And while people love to buy stuff, but they hate being sold. And that is why posting about your products and opportunity is not a good strategy for generating Network Marketing leads and getting sales and sign ups.

Even if they want the products, people will be very resistant to contacting you if they think you’re just going to try to sell them on it.

How To Get MLM Leads – So What DO You Post About?

You need to lower resistance as much as possible. Think about your social media profile like it’s a TV News channel. People turn on the news to consume content. There are occasional commercial breaks, but most of the time, you’re getting content.

So think about the kind of content your target audience would want. If you’re in health and nutrition, it could be health articles and tips, workout articles and tips, weight loss articles and tips, motivational pictures and quotes, etc.

You can mix in information about your products or service – just make sure it’s in the form of informational content and not a blatant pitch. For example, you could include reviews of your products vs other products (just make sure it isn’t too ‘salesy’).

Your ‘commercials’ should consist of a ‘lead magnet’. A lead magnet is something of value that your audience is willing to give up their contact information for.

So your lead magnet may be something like a free PDF recipe book download full of recipes that use your products as ingredients. It could be a free workout video, or maybe even a free workout and diet planner.

How To Get MLM Leads – Automating The Process

How to get MLM Leads on Autopilot capture page

The key to making this all work and automating your lead generation is having a ‘capture page’. This is the webpage that a prospect will enter their contact information into to get the free ‘lead magnet’ on the other side. And this is how to get MLM leads on autopilot!

Having a capture page makes it easy for someone to get the resource you are offering. They don’t have to contact a stranger and they get access to the lead magnet right away, so it lowers resistance to opting-in to your offer.

How To Get MLM Leads – Where To Put Your Capture Page Link

All you do is occasionally post a link to your capture page in your social media feed throughout the day. Just tell your audience what they’ll get on the other side, and watch as the leads roll in.

For example, you might make a post that says, “Want to know how I burn fat drinking chocolate milkshakes every day? Get my top secret recipes right here! [capture page link]”

If you’re in a travel MLM, you might post something like, “Want to learn how I take 4 and 5 star vacations for 2 and 3 star prices? Check out this free report on where to get the best travel deals [capture page link].”

Just remember that these capture page posts are like commercials. If you post too many of them, people will change the channel.

A good rule to follow is 80% content, 20% commercials.

How To Get MLM Leads – Where To Get The Tools You Need

You obviously need a Lead Magnet and a Capture Page service. Other tools that will be helpful are an Email Autoresponder, and a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).

You can get all of these things separately, which can easily add up to hundreds of dollars every month in subscription fees. Or, you can do what we do and use an all-in-one system that gives you all of the tools you need PLUS a bunch of training to go with it. And the best part is that it costs a fraction of the price.

You can check out the system we use right here. And here’s a thorough review of this system.

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