Network Marketing Leads - MLM Lead GenerationHow To Get More Network Marketing Leads Than You Can Handle

Generating Network Marketing leads is a problem for both newbies and pros. Newbies have problems generating enough Network Marketing leads, while the Pros usually have problems with generating so many Network Marketing leads that they can’t keep up with them.

Obviously, one problem is better to have than the other.

If you’d rather be someone who has problems with too many Network Marketing leads, then read on…

Focus On One Strategy For More Network Marketing Leads

It takes a lot of time, effort, and learning to master any one MLM lead generation strategy. If you’re trying to employ more than one or two MLM lead generation strategies at a time without having totally mastered one first, then you will always struggle to generate MLM leads.

Until you’re generating at least 10 leads/day with one strategy, you should not add another strategy into the mix. All that will do is distract you, slow you down, and prevent you from generating MLM leads with ease like the pros do.

Instead of having one MLM lead generation strategy that produces 10 leads/day, you will end up with two MLM lead generation strategies that each produce about 2-3 leads/day, but take twice as much time and effort to maintain.

Lead With Value, Don’t Chase With A Pitch

People join leaders, and leaders don’t chase. They attract people to them and they teach others how to be leaders.

The tendency people have when Network Marketing online is to post pictures and information about their products and opportunity everywhere. When someone follows them or likes a post or makes any sort of digital “eye-contact”, they immediately message them asking if they’re interested in buying products of joining their opportunity.

This is chasing with a pitch. It’s something that may work with your warm market, but will never be a productive way of generating Network Marketing leads with your cold market. This article explains why.

Instead of chasing after people with your products and opportunity, you need to attract the right people to you by giving them valuable information that they want and are looking for. There’s really not enough space to get into the subject in this article, but you can learn more about this incredibly effective MLM marketing strategy right here.

Leverage = A Flood Of Network Marketing Leads

The simple truth is that if you’re working for every single Network Marketing lead you generate, you will always be chasing after more leads.

In order to generate a flood of Network Marketing leads that you struggle to keep up with, you will need leverage. And in order to get leverage, you need to use tools.

Imagine that you’ve got a room full of flies. Working for each and every one of your Network Marketing leads is like trying to kill flies one by one with a fly swatter. You have to chase after each one, and you miss a lot of the ones you swat at.

Does it work? Yes.

Would I recommend it? Only if a fly swatter is the only thing you can afford.

Now imagine that you have a room full of flies and you put a bug zapper in the middle of the room. You can walk away and come back the next day to find that the bug zapper had attracted dozens of flies and zapped them all for you.

This is the equivalent of using some very simple lead-capturing tools to generate your Network Marketing leads for you 24/7 on autopilot. Once you set them up, it just takes an hour or two of work each day to keep it running.

The Tools We Use To Generate Network Marketing Leads

We typically generate about 17-24 Network Marketing leads every day from only two lead sources. If we’re really hustling, it can get up to 35+ leads per day…all without paid advertising.

In the past, we used to do a lot of paid advertising. We still do an occasional ad to promote special webinars and events, but as far as running paid ads for Network Marketing leads, we barely have enough time to keep up with the Network Marketing leads we’re generating with free strategies, so it’s really not something we’re doing right now.

And yes, it’s a pretty cool problem to have.

If you want to have the same problem with generating too many Network Marketing leads, you can learn all about the tools we use to get our leverage by downloading our free 15-page PDF guide right here.

If you want to learn how to put these tools to use on social media, you can check out this training right over this way.

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