Part 1: YouTube Thumbnail Hacks

Every video creator on YouTube wants to know how to get more views on YouTube. YouTube views equals traffic, leads, sales, and a higher view ranking which leads to even more traffic, leads, and sales.

But, “how to get views on YouTube” isn’t the only question you should be asking. You also want real views on YouTube – not fake bot views. You also preferably want to get YouTube views free without having to pay for ads.

One of the BEST ways to increase views on YouTube free is to increase your “Click-Through Rate”, or CTR. Your CTR is the number of people who actually click on your video when YouTube shows it to them in search results, related videos, and other places.

And one of the best and easiest ways to increase your CTR (and get more free views on YouTube video), is to change your YouTube video thumbnail.

You can 2x or even 3x or MORE your views of YouTube videos with a good thumbnail. And the more views you get, the higher your video ranks, which leads to even more YouTube views.

This video will show you all of our best ways to create, edit, improve your thumbnails to get the highest CTR and how to get a lot of views on YouTube.

Part 2: Get Free Traffic By Ranking YouTube Videos

While it’s good to be able to pay for affiliate marketing traffic, it’s never a good idea to depend on only one source of traffic, so adding free traffic sources like YouTube is a great way to diversify your traffic and add more security to your affiliate marketing business.

There are many YouTube ranking factors to consider, but the most important is your video title.

In addition to that, YouTube also looks at things like your description, video tags, and hashtags.

In this next video for beginner affiliate marketing, you’ll learn how to optimize all of these YouTube ranking factors and get free traffic for your affiliate marketing business.

Part 3: 3 Bonus Ranking Tips

In this 3rd video in our YouTube series, I teach you 3 bonus YouTube strategies to help you rank your YouTube videos and get more views on YouTube. When you learn how to get YouTube views, you can drive unlimited traffic to your offer.

Part 4: How To Promote & Syndicate to get more YouTube views

Learning how to get views on YouTube is a challenge for most beginning channels, but it’s a VERY valuable skill for affiliate marketers.

Learn how to get a lot of views on YouTube videos through promotion and syndication so they will rank & be favored with the YouTube algorithm.

Giving you the slight edge over the competition and starting the flood of YouTube views.

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