Are you the victim of an Instagram follow block? If Instagram has blocked you from following, or blocked you from likes, comments, or unfollowing, it’s likely that you exceeded the Instagram limits for following, unfollowing, likes, or comments.

One of the most frustrating things about social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc is that they impose (seemingly) arbitrary limits on your activity. Even when they publish exactly what these limits are (such as with Twitter), you can still get the dreaded Instagram ban even when going UNDER these limits.

As for what the limits are on Instagram, there is a recent Instagram algorithm update in June 2019 that had several people messaging us with things like “Instagram blocked me from following” or “Instagram blocked me from liking. I was following all of their rules. What did I do wrong?” So if that’s you and you’re wondering what in the world you did to get Instagram banned, you’ve come to the right place!

In this video, we’ll discuss the Instagram update 2019, what changes were made to the Instagram algorithm, what to do if you’re experiencing an Instagram follow block, as well as what the NEW limits are for Instagram follow limit, Instagram unfollow limit, Instagram comment limit, and Instagram like limit.

0:20 – WHY you probably got blocked

1:22 – What to do when you’ve been blocked by Instagram

3:31 – Instagram Limits – Instagram Update 2019

4:26 – Instagram Follow Limits & Instagram Unfollow Limits – NEW limits for June 2019 and beyond

6:37 – How to start Follow for Follow with NEWER Instagram Accounts

8:25 – Instagram like limit, Instagram comment limit, Instagram DM limit

9:40 – How to SAFELY grow your following using the Follow for Follow method

12:17 – How to use likes and comments to support your Follow for Follow activities

13:31 – Other ways for how to get followers on Instagram

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