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Instagram is an amazing social media platform. There are over 400 million users on Instagram and they spend an average of 21 minutes a day on Instagram. Obviously, with this many eyes on the platform, Instagram Marketing is a must!

Todd and I have had great success with Instagram Marketing and have consistently gotten our highest quality leads from it. That all being said, we see a lot of folks struggling and missing the mark. Here are the 3 key rules to follow to be successful with Instagram Marketing:

Instagram MarketingInstagram Marketing Rule #1 – Brand Yourself

Far too many times we see folks who use their corporate company icon or name for their profile picture or username on Instagram. They have essentially just become a billboard for their corporate company. There are thousands of distributors for your company so what makes you different? Why should they buy from or join you?

With all online marketing, it’s essential that you brand yourself. You need to build your own brand so that people feel they know you, begin to trust and like you.

You need to get your face out there. Prove that you are a real person and not just a billboard. Don’t know how to brand yourself? Check out our free video training for Instagram Marketing and we’ll show you how: Click here.

Instagram Marketing Rule #2 – Grow a Targeted Audience

You need to always be growing your audience – and not just any audience. You want to grow a targeted audience – which means you first need to to define who you target market is

Do you want to market to stay-at-home-moms, health & fitness types, busy career people, network marketers? You need to know who you are speaking to…who is it that you want to recruit or gain as customers? These are the folks you will target to grow your followers.

With Instagram Marketing, an audience targeted to those you want to speak to is much more powerful than a larger, non-targeted, less relevant audience.

Instagram Marketing Rule #3 – Provide Value

This is by far the one rule we see broken most often. People constantly pitch their products or opportunity. Who logs into any social media platform to be pitched or sold something? Who likes seeing picture after picture of product testimonials and pitches?

In order to be truly successful in Instagram Marketing and reach beyond people who already know you in real life, you need to provide your audience with value, something they find helpful or enjoy seeing.

What that value looks like will vary greatly based on who your target audience is.  If you provide value, your audience will begin to know, like, and trust you, which is the key to Instagram Marketing and all online marketing.

You’ve Got the 3 Instagram Marketing Ground Rules, Now What?

You’ve got the Instagram Marketing rules to follow, now it’s time to implement them! Need help on when & what to post, how to quickly grow a targeted audience, or how to brand yourself? We’ve got you covered!

Check out our free video training on Instagram Marketing, The Leveraged Entrepreneur: Instagram Quick Start Guide – click here.

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Leah Rae

Leah Rae


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  1. Dephillia McClenon on May 28, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    Thanks for the information. We are not ready to launch product. Very good information for the future.

    • Leah Rae Getts on June 2, 2016 at 12:47 am

      That’s great, Dephillia! Glad you found it useful. You definitely shouldn’t wait until you have a product to start building your brand. Start providing value geared towards the audience you want to attract & work on getting your followers up. Then, when you are ready, you can have A LOT more action.

  2. Gregg Davison on December 28, 2018 at 9:40 am

    Love your Instagram profits playbook. It’s worth 10x the purchase price!… My account is now over 25k followers and I’m getting 50-100 new followers daily, plus FREE leads that are CONVERTING! into my primary opportunity

    PS: What did you use to build your blog?

    PSS: Do you offer any kind of private team training with MLSP?

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