MLM Closing - Network Marketing ClosingMLM Closing – A Foolproof Formula For Getting More Sign-Ups

It’s a well known fact that Network Marketing is a numbers game. If you aren’t talking to a lot of people about your opportunity, you simply won’t get any sales or sign ups.

If you aren’t putting up big numbers in terms of leads or presentations yet, then this is the training you will want to check out.

But once you start getting the numbers, the next step is to start improving your MLM closing rate.

As Leah Rae and I have talked to more people and gotten more sign-ups, we’ve found that there are two key things that we do that pulls more people into our business, and it has very little to do with selling or convincing people.

Rather, MLM closing simply has to do with asking the right questions.

Now, I know there are some very skilled recruiters who are teaching things like NLP (Neruo-Linguistic Programming) and other complicated-sounding techniques that will give a boost to your closing rate, but that stuff is really the icing on the cake.

If you don’t have these two key pieces of MLM closing in place when you’re talking to your prospects, all of the NLP in the world isn’t going to help.

So here are a few key pieces of the MLM closing formula that should be in place for you to close more sales and get more sign-ups…

MLM Closing – Find The Problem

If it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it, right?

A prospect will be much more likely to sign-up with you if they see your opportunity as the solution to a problem they have.

When you get a lead who is looking for a way to make money, ask why they are looking for a way to make more money. If they’re someone who wants to lose weight and get fit, ask why.

A common way we will phrase this question is, “What are your goals – what are you working towards?”

Sometimes their goal will be to replace their full time income, other times it will just be some extra spending money.

Then you need to dig a bit deeper. Find out specifically what they want to do once they make that money or reach those goals.

We will usually follow up with something like, ” So what does that look like for you? What are you going to do once you finally replace your full time income?”

Their answers may be something like taking more family vacations, being able to set aside a college savings for kids, or just spending more time with family.

Once you find out what their goals are, you need to pin down exactly why they aren’t able to meet those goals with their current situation. So you may ask something like, “So why aren’t you able to do that now?” or “So your current job isn’t something that’s going to get you all the way to that goal?”

The key is to ask questions and then listen.

MLM Closing – Provide A Solution

Once you know what their goals are and why they won’t reach those goals with what they’re doing right now, that’s when you need to start telling them how you have reached your goals with your current opportunity.

If you haven’t reached your goals yet, then you will need to explain why your opportunity is helping you make progress towards those goals.

It’s helpful here to have some kind of a “hook”, or a reason why your solution would stand out above the other MLM opportunities out there.

For example, your company may have an online marketing system that helps you generate leads online, or maybe you’ve got an opportunity that doesn’t rely on a monthly autoship, or maybe you start getting lifetime bonuses at some point.

Those are all great points to bring up when you’re explaining exactly how your opportunity will help solve their problems.

MLM Closing Scripts

If you’re looking for exactly what to say when you get to the actual close, then this article is what you will want to read next.

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    This was a very helpful article, it is also helpful to reassess your own reasons for being in your current Network Marketing Business. Answer these questions and dig deep into what you want From your business and it will help you to work smarter and realign your own goals and vision.

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