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Every top earner knows that “the fortune is in the follow up”. In sales, it’s said that it takes an average of 7 “exposures” before someone will buy from you. I’ve never kept statistics on this, but I will say that in Network Marketing, MOST people will NOT sign up with you after only one conversation.

If I had to guess, I’d say that it probably takes somewhere between 4 and 7 “exposures” before someone will sign up with you.

By “exposure” I mean a presentation, a book, a video, a follow up call, a connect call with your upline, another follow up call, etc. If you aren’t following up with people, you are leaving money on the table.

So here are the 5 Rules to a successful MLM follow up:

MLM Follow Up Rule #1 – ALWAYS Follow Up!

Unless they say they aren’t interested, you NEED to follow up with people if you’re going to succeed in this business. If you present to someone and they want to review some materials, do some research, or whatever, don’t just say “ok” and leave.

That would be like going fishing, knowing that the fish are hungry, and just sitting in your boat with a bucket full of bait waiting for the fish to jump in to get it.

They won’t call you or come knocking at your door asking to sign up. You need to be the professional and schedule the follow up, and you need to be the leader and set the example for how things are done.

MLM Follow Up Rule #2 – Set a Firm Date and Time

BEFORE the end of your current exposure, you MUST set a firm date and time for the next exposure. If you don’t book a firm date and time for your MLM follow up, things will get open ended, you’ll start playing phone tag, and you’ll end up chasing after people…and that just doesn’t look good.

Chasing after people just makes you look weak, desperate, and it will look like you’ve got waaaaay too much free time on your hands for someone who is supposed to be a busy, successful businessman (or businesswoman).

Always, always, ALWAYS book a firm date and time for an MLM follow up.

MLM Follow Up Rule #3 – Be On Time!

Some people may think that running late or missing appointments will make you look like you’re really busy and successful…in reality, it just makes you look unorganized, unprofessional, and inconsiderate.

But really, this should be a given. If you book a firm appointment with someone, make sure you show up on time. People respect a person who does what he says he’ll do and who values their time.

MLM Follow Up Rule #4 – Condense Exposures for Better Results

If you let too much time go by between exposures, life will get in the way for your prospect…things will get busy at work, the kids will have music and sports to attend, and your opportunity will fall further and further down the list of priorities.

The longer you wait between exposures, the more it will take to get them back to the point where you left off with the last exposure. It will be like starting over from the beginning every time.

Wait too long and they’ll just forget about the whole thing and you’ll lose them.

Try to condense 4-7 exposures into no more than a week for the best results.

MLM Follow Up Rule #5 – Dealing with Fear of Commitment

So how do you deal with someone who just doesn’t want to commit to a firm date and time for a follow up? To me, this is a sign that your prospect is just not in to whatever it is you’re promoting.

I usually just say something like this, “Well Mr. Prospect, I really don’t want to waste your time and I also don’t want to waste my time. If you’re really just not interested and you’re trying to find a polite way of saying no, it’s ok. You can just tell me no – it won’t hurt my feelings, ok? So tell me this – do you like the concept? Do you see an opportunity for yourself here?”

If they say no, then use my favorite line, “Ok, that’s cool. Clearly, this isn’t a fit for you, but who do you know that wants to make some money right now?”

If they say yes, they like the concept and they see the opportunity, but they’re just so busy that they don’t know when they’ll be able to talk next, here’s what I usually say…”Ok, well I seriously live and die by my calendar. It sounds like you’re interested and I don’t want you to get lost among all of my other appointments. So why don’t we just pencil in a time for (whenever – be specific), and if you can’t make it, just give me a call or send me a text and we can reschedule, ok?”

The MLM Follow Up Process is…

…a bit of an art. Just remember that you want to present yourself as a confident, successful, respectful entrepreneur. You keep a calendar for your appointments, you show up on time, and you expect others to do the same.

You don’t care if someone is interested or not – if they aren’t, let them know it’s ok to just say no, because you don’t want to waste their time or yours.

If they are interested, be the leader and set the appointments and take them through the process of getting on board. Don’t let things get open-ended and don’t chase after people.

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Todd A. Getts


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    Thank you for this educative piece, I just networking two months ago but have only one downline.

    This is helpful.

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