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One of the most common reasons people choose not to get involved in Network Marketing is because they don’t like “selling”. I mean, who wants to be a pushy salesman, right?

No one wants to be ‘that guy’ (or gal) – the one that all of their family and friends start avoiding because they don’t want to get sold on a product or opportunity they have no interest in…the guy that is constantly looking for another way to insert a mention of their company or products into the conversation…the guy who everyone suddenly has to block and mute on social media because they won’t stop spamming their feed with product pictures and testimonials.

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MLM Marketing – Selling vs Sellers

In reality, it’s not ‘selling’ that people don’t like. What people don’t like is salespeople.

Wait…maybe that didn’t come out quite right 🙂

What I mean to say is that people don’t like what they perceive Network Marketers and salespeople to be…in other words, they don’t like pushy salespeople and they don’t want to BE a pushy salesperson.

MLM Marketing Strategies – What NOT To Do

Have you ever walked into a store or car dealership and as soon as you walked in, a salesman immediately made the beeline straight for you and went into their sales pitch?

What did you do?

You probably put up the defensive walls and said you were just looking, right? And if you did see something you were interested in or had a question about, you were probably hesitant to ask that salesperson about it because you didn’t want to have to find another excuse to say no.

But in MLM marketing, this is essentially what most Network Marketers do.

They chase after people, they beg and plead with friends and family to buy and join, and they do everything possible to convince people to sign up…and people run from them.

MLM Marketing – It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

Just like the salesman making the beeline for the fresh meat that just walked through the door, no one likes a Network Marketer who chases after them and begs them to join.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways of doing your MLM marketing where you don’t have to chase after people and you don’t have to beg them to buy or join.

In fact, not only do you NOT have to chase, beg, or try to sell people on your products and opportunity, but with this MLM marketing strategy, you build your Network Marketing business by helping people in the same way places like Home Depot help people by teaching them how to do their own home projects.

MLM Marketing – Attracting The Right Prospects

So what is this MLM marketing strategy called? It’s ‘Attraction Marketing’. It’s a method of attracting people to you by freely offering something of value before they commit to you.

We first learned Attraction Marketing through MLSP, and it is the strategy that allows us to generate dozens of highly-qualified, targeted leads every day on autopilot. It’s also an MLM marketing strategy that is used by practically every leader in the Network Marketing industry who has built their business online.

The idea is to educate people first rather than pitch and sell them on your product and opportunity.

So, for example, instead of trying to tell people about the latest, greatest skincare products from your company and why they should buy it, teach them about proper skincare by writing an article about “10 skincare tips for summer”.

That kind of article will attract the type of person that would be the most interested in your company’s skincare products without having to pitch or sell them on anything. Instead, you are helping them by teaching them about proper skincare.

MLM Marketing Strategies – Being The ‘Cool Kid’

The principles behind the MLM marketing strategy of Attraction Marketing can be seen at work even in elementary school.

The cool kid who can do a wheelie on his bike will attract other kids who want to know how to do a wheelie. The cool kid who knows how to play drums will attract other kids who like music and want to know how to play in a band.

People are attracted to those who know things they want to learn. If you’re willing to teach them what they want to know, people will come to you and you won’t have to chase after them.

MLM Marketing Tips – Learn From Home Depot

Home Depot does a great job with Attraction Marketing. Go to their website and the first thing on their top menu is “DIY Projects & Ideas”, under which you will find all sorts of educational content on how to renovate your home, complete with “FREE DIY Workshops”.

If you’re at a Home Depot DIY workshop on “Interior Paint & Drywall Repair”, where do you think most of the people attending that class will get their paint and drywall supplies?

Get it? This is how Attraction Marketing works.

MLM Marketing – How To Apply This To YOUR Business

There’s obviously a LOT more to this MLM marketing strategy than what I can write in a single blog post. But there are two resources that I can recommend that will help you out.

The first is a free training series on how to build your Network Marketing business online. The MLM marketing strategy that is outlined in this training is based on the principles of Attraction Marketing. So if you follow this online MLM marketing strategy, you will essentially be doing Attraction Marketing.

The second MLM marketing resource I would recommend is the place where we learned Attraction Marketing – MLSP, which offers a full MLM marketing system complete with all of the MLM marketing tools and training you need. After implementing this MLM marketing system, we not only started getting dozens of targeted, qualified leads on autopilot, but we are now getting sign-ups on autopilot as well.

Sounds pretty cool, huh? You can check it out right here.

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  1. Traci Adams on March 9, 2016 at 12:29 am

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    I haven’t read the script yet, but the introduction makes so much sense.

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    Do you help people with the system? What type of support do offer. I am interested in using social media to grow out business.


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    Awesome. Attraction marketing is definitely great.

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