MLM MotivationMLM Motivation – How To Handle Setbacks

Running into setbacks in your Network Marketing business is normal. It happens to everyone, even the pros. Recently, Todd Falcone got his Facebook page hacked, and Ray Higdon got his YouTube channel shut down. It just happens.

For people just starting out in this business, the most common type of setback is not being able to get your business off the ground…you might run out of people to talk to, or get a “no” from someone you had really high hopes for, or maybe the people you recruited are quitting or doing nothing.

MLM Motivation – The Best Advice I Ever Got

The best advice I got about how to keep yourself going and moving forward was from Eric Worre. As he explains it, when you have setbacks, feelings of fear, doubt, uncertainty, and anger can creep in. Action mitigates these feelings. The longer you stay inactive, the more those feelings will fester and grow, and the harder it is to get going again. So it’s very important to stay active.

Make some phone calls, set up some appointments, do some presentations – just keep moving forward.

MLM Motivation – When To Get Help

If you feel particularly stuck with not being able to get leads or recruit people into your business, then it may be time for some personal development. Ask for advice from your sponsor and upline. If you aren’t getting the support you need from your upline, then it’s time to seek the help of others in the industry.

Find someone who has had the same struggles as you and has managed to overcome them. Ask them for help. Find out what resources and training helped them the most, and be willing to learn some new skills.

MLM Motivation – What Is Holding You Back

Now, to be honest, while most people are willing to learn new skills, most aren’t willing to go out and put it into practice – to take action. To succeed in this business, you need to talk to a lot of people, and there are two things that will get in the way of doing that…pride and fear.

So you need to be the opposite of those things…instead of being prideful and fearful, you need to be humble and courageous. Because pride won’t pay your bills and fear won’t pay your bills. It’s pride and fear that will stop you from taking action and getting your business into profits.

MLM Motivation – Learn Some New Skills

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