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MLM Objection Handling

Overcoming the “I Don’t Have The Time” Objection

I don't have the time

Overcoming the “I Don’t Have The Time” Objection I used to get this one a lot. Sometimes, I still do. But here’s the thing with people who tell you “I don’t have the time“…it’s either due to how you’re presenting your opportunity, or it’s due to their lack of vision. Let me explain… If you’re…

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Handling the “I Need To Try The Products First” Objection in 3 Easy Steps

I need to try the products first

This is one of the most common objections people get in any product-based MLM, and it’s a logical thing to request. A person will obviously want to test the products out before they start promoting them! Most of the time, we try to mitigate this objection by offering product samples at the beginning of the…

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Totally Crush The I Don’t Know Anyone Objection

I Don't Know Anyone Objection

When I talk to people about network marketing, occasionally I get the “I don’t know anyone objection“, or I run into to network marketers who have burned through their warm market and think their business is pretty much over. They think that success in this business is all about who you know rather than the…

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