MLM Recruiting Friend ZoneMLM Recruiting – Avoiding The Entrepreneurial “Friend Zone”

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in MLM recruiting is that they ACT like Network Marketers. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Network Marketing. I truly believe that it is hands down the best profession out there.

But here’s what I’m talking about…

Most people who encounter Network Marketers expect them to be pushing their products and opportunity all over everybody. People expect Network Marketers to chase after you. And once they get hold of you, they expect Network Marketers to plead with and beg you to buy and join.

When you have a question or objection, people expect Network Marketers to fumble all over themselves to give an answer or find an answer. They expect you to do countless hours of “research” to find every possible study about every ingredient in every one of your products and prove that you have the best product for the best price.

And the biggest MLM recruiting mistake Network Marketers make is that they act exactly how people expect them to act. And all that does is get you in the entrepreneurial “Friend Zone”.

In MLM Recruiting, Nice Guy = Friend Zone

You see, what you are doing when you act like this is you are being a “nice guy”. A people-pleaser. You want to give people all the information they want, assure them that they are making the very best decision for themselves, and you want to show them that you will be there for them in every way possible to ensure their success.

In MLM recruiting, when the nice guy chases after people, people run from them. They nice guy begs and pleads with people to get them to join and people always say no. The nice guy spends hours and hours doing research to give their prospects the answers they are looking for just to have their prospect say “no” every single time.

The problem is that asking someone to join you in your Network Marketing business is asking them for a long-term commitment…and no one makes a commitment to the nice guy. In MLM recruiting, nice guys get put in the entrepreneurial friend zone.

In MLM Recruiting, You Need To Be An Entrepreneur

MLM Recruiting Friend Zone 2

Nice guys give up their posture to their prospects, and their prospects keep making them jump through hoops as long as they are willing to jump through them, while they have absolutely no intention of ever signing up.

So instead of acting like a typical Network Marketer, you need to start acting like a serious entrepreneur. You are looking for serious business partners who are serious about making money.

You shouldn’t be wasting your time chasing after people who aren’t interested, and you shouldn’t be wasting your time with tire-kickers and people who just want to dip their toes in the water.

So here’s what you need to do…

To be successful in MLM recruiting, you need to learn Entrepreneurial Jujutsu. Stop doing what your prospects want you to do and stop acting how they expect you to act.

When someone pulls, you push. If they say they’re not interested (they pull), the instinct will be to pull back (try to convince them to join). Instead, when they say they’re not interested (pull), you need to push by saying, “Ok, clearly this isn’t a fit for you. But who do you know that wants to make some money right now?”

If someone says they want to think about it or they want to do some research (they pull), your instinct might be to ask what questions you can answer, give them some books to read or websites to check out, or to do the research for them (you pull back).

Instead, try saying this (which I got from Ray Higdon), “Yeah, absolutely. Go ahead and take as much time as humanly possible to think about it and research this. There’s hundreds of articles and videos out there, so take as much time as you want. We spend a lot of time training you, so if you’re not ready, we don’t want to waste our time and we don’t want to waste your time. We’re looking for people who are serious and 100% sure of themselves, so if that’s not you right now, that’s totally cool.”

The Difference…

See the difference there? People run from the nice guy. People put the nice guy in the friend zone. But the guy who does Entrepreneurial Jujutsu – people seek them out to join them. They act like confident, successful leaders. Their time is valuable.

When someone acts like a tire-kicker, a serious entrepreneur won’t chase after them. Instead, they take the offer off the table because entrepreneurs only work with people who are serious and ready to run with this opportunity.

Ready To Get Out Of The Friend Zone?

So if you’re like I used to be, you’re probably getting put in the friend zone a LOT. It takes some training and a lot of practice to get out, but this FREE online class will help you start generating leads like a pro in no time.

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Todd A. Getts

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