MLM Recruiting – The Most Common Way To Lose A Sign-Up

In MLM recruiting, the most common way for new Network Marketers to lose a sign-up is to start acting desperate when someone says ‘no’ or that they’d like to think about it. This is a very common mistake that every Network Marketer makes – especially when they’re new.

They will do things like try to sell their prospect on their products or compensation plan, tell them about how great their sponsor and upline are, and even make promises about what they’ll do as a sponsor.

And while these are good things to do during a presentation (as long as you don’t over-do it), they are not good things to do AFTER your prospect has said ‘no’ or that they want to think about it.

Because while it may seem like you’re making your opportunity more attractive or that you’re ‘sweetening the deal’, what your prospect will typically see is desperation…and that’s NOT something that will make them want to sign-up.

MLM Recruiting – How To Stop Looking Desperate

If you want to drastically increase your MLM recruiting success rate, you will need to get it in your head that you don’t NEED any one specific person to join for you to be successful.

Your goal should be to present to as many people as possible and only work with those who are ready and excited to get going. You’re just wasting your time trying to convince someone to join when they really don’t want to. As they say, “Amateurs convince, Professionals sort”.

It’s perfectly ok to let people go if they aren’t interested or are giving you non-committal answers. If someone isn’t interested, just say, “Ok, that’s cool. Obviously this isn’t a fit for you, but who do you know that would like to make some money right now?”

The most successful people in this industry aren’t people who got everyone to join. They are people who were willing to hear ‘no’ 9 times out of 10, and still present their opportunity to thousands of people.

This is what makes MLM recruiting so difficult for most people – they don’t like getting rejected.

MLM Recruiting – Fear Of Rejection And Loss

MLM Recruiting Tips - Network Marketing Recruiting TipsProbably the biggest part of the fear of rejection and loss in MLM recruiting is the false notion that you only have a limited number of people to present your opportunity to, and that once you’ve presented to all of those people, that your business is done.

However, this is a completely false assumption.

As I once heard Eric Worre say, prospects are NOT a natural resource that you eventually run out of…rather, finding people to talk to is a skill that you develop.

MLM Recruiting – Where To Find Thousands Of People To Present To

So the secret to MLM recruiting is to find thousands of people that you can present your opportunity to.

The way the top earners and leaders in the industry became successful is by mastering the skill of lead generation.

Once you know how to generate MLM leads, success is only a matter of time. And when you realize this simple fact of MLM recruiting, that fear of letting people go and that feeling of desperation will eventually disappear on its own.

MLM Recruiting – Where To Get More Training

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