MLM RecruitingMLM Recruiting – How To Get More Sign-Ups By Changing This One Thing

Let me guess…you’ve got a great opportunity. It’s with the best MLM company that has the best products and the best compensation plan. It’s totally a ground level opportunity and you’re on one of the best teams with a great upline that really works hard to make sure you succeed.

So why is no one taking you up on your offer?

Having done a LOT of MLM recruiting myself, I used to wonder that very thing ALL the time. That is, until someone finally said to me, “Todd, I hear what you’re saying. But my brother does Network Marketing too. He says the EXACT same thing you’re telling me now and he’s never made money with it.”

“But…but…you don’t understand.” I replied. “This is different! It’s waaaay better than what your brother is doing. Totally ground level. Best compensation plan in the industry. You just need to find two people and then help them to build their teams and you’re set.”

“No thanks, Todd…I’m good. Totally not interested.”

Does this MLM recruiting scenario seem familiar?

If you’ve done any number of presentations, it should. EVERYONE and their grandmother has heard this exact same line from every other Network Marketer that has presented to them.

As much as you or I would like to believe it, there’s really nothing special about your company, your product, your compensation plan, or your upline – at least to the average person. To them, your opportunity is no different from any other opportunity anyone else is promoting.

That’s why pitching your business to everyone never works. The “secret” that no one ever tells you when you get started in this business is that the leaders in this industry don’t become leaders by pitching their business.

This is because the “secret” to MLM Recruiting is that people don’t join companies, people join people.

Think about it. You most likely didn’t join your company because you were looking for it. You didn’t join your company because you did a search for the MLM with the best product and the best compensation plan. You didn’t interview a bunch of reps to find the person with the best upline in your company.

You joined your company because someone you know, like, and trust asked you to join. If it hadn’t been for that person, you would never have joined. Similarly, if that person had presented you with a different MLM company that also had the best products, compensation plan, and upline, you probably would have joined that company too…because the person asking you to join was someone you knew, liked, and trusted.

This is why providing value to people is so important in MLM recruiting. This is why posture and confidence is so important. And this is why it’s important to always have your prospect’s best interest in mind when presenting them with your opportunity.

These are all things you should be doing in your MLM recruiting to get people to get to know, like, and trust you

This is what every leader in the Network Marketing industry does. You will never hear Ray Higdon, Cesar Rodriguez, Tanya Aliza, Adam Chandler, Michelle and Bill Pescosolido, me and Leah Rae, or any other leader talk about our MLM companies.

But its people like us that others seek out to help them build their business, and ultimately, a good number of them decide to join us because they see the benefit for themselves in joining us…get it? They don’t join our company, they join US. It’s not about the company, it’s about the person. People don’t join companies, people join people.

Does it take more time and effort to provide value and build relationships? Yes. But it’s a LOT more effective.

MLM Recruiting Made Easy…

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