MLM Recruiting SecretsMLM Recruiting Secrets – 5 Tips for Presenting Like A Pro

When I first got serious about Network Marketing, I worked a LOT on putting together the best, most convincing presentation. I put together a PowerPoint presentation that was 30+ slides long, complete with my company’s video, pictures, statistics, footnotes, and references.

Once I got someone into a presentation, I made sure to address every objection they might have before they got the chance to ask it. I had a projector, a portable dry-erase board, books and research papers to give out, and a backpack full of samples.

I prepared for a presentation the same way I prepared for a graduate-level academic presentation.

The result? I did manage to recruit a few people who were also very analytical like I am. They followed my lead and started giving presentations like I was giving. In the end, it was a LOT of work for not a lot of results.

MLM Recruiting Secrets – What NOT to do…

So what was I doing wrong?

Just about everything.

I was recruiting like an amateur…in other words, I was spending a lot of time trying to convince a few people to join. I wasn’t presenting to enough people, I was doing waaaaay too much talking, my process wasn’t duplicable, I was chasing after people, the list could go on and on.

If I could go back and do things the right way, I would concentrate on these 4 specific things…

MLM Recruiting Secrets #1 – It’s All About The Numbers

“Amateurs convince, professionals sort”. In other words, amateurs spend a bunch of time trying to convince a few people to join, while professionals present to a bunch of people and only work with the ones who are ready and excited to join.

One of the biggest MLM recruiting secrets is that Network Marketing is all a numbers game. Even the top recruiters in the industry will only get about 3 out of every 10 people to sign up.

Their “secret” isn’t that they have a super-effective script or a mind-hacking presentation that gets everyone to join. Their “secret” is that they put up huge numbers in terms of presentations.

They present to several hundreds or even thousands of people in order to get a few hundred to sign up. Percentage-wise, I probably got around 1 or 2 out of every 10 to join when I was first starting out. My problem wasn’t getting people to join, my problem was that I wasn’t presenting to enough people.

MLM Recruiting Secrets #2 – Use 3rd Party Tools

3rd party tools are resources you use that you didn’t create, such as your company’s presentation video, a product hand out, a book or article, a website, etc. It’s important that you use these to do your presenting for you.

Don’t try to be the expert, even if you are the expert. This is one of the biggest MLM recruiting secrets – here’s why…

  • Using 3rd party tools is easily duplicable – anyone can use 3rd party tools to give a presentation. On the other hand, being an expert is not easily duplicable
  • It allows you to recruit across any boundary…in other words, a 21 year old college student can use 3rd party tools to recruit a 60 year old business owner
  • 3rd party tools will have more credibility than you in almost every situation
  • People hate your ideas, but they love their own. If you do all the talking, it will be your idea for them to join. If you let the 3rd party tools do all the “talking”, people will come to the decision to join on their own

MLM Recruiting Secrets #3 – It’s All About Them

“Don’t let what you want to say get in the way of what they want to hear.” I forgot where I heard this, but it has always stuck in my mind since I heard it.

Basically, when someone says they really like the product, don’t start trying to convince them you have the best compensation plan in the industry. You need to listen to your prospects, figure out what interests them about your opportunity, and tell them about it.

MLM Recruiting Secrets #4 – Confidence and Posture

When starting a business, even a home business like Network Marketing, people want to join others who are confident leaders. They don’t want to join people who are desperate, weak, clingy, or salesy.

When someone says no, don’t try to change their mind. Don’t throw more product samples at them, don’t try to convince them you have the best compensation plan or the best upline in history. Just let them go for now and come back to them later when you’ve had some success.

You need people to join, but you don’t need any one specific person to join. If you start trying to convince someone to change their mind after they say no, you will come off as weak, desperate, and salesy. They will think that you need them to be successful. That is not a good position to be in.

People join leaders, not weak, desperate, sales people who depend on you for their success. So when someone says no, you need to have the confidence and posture to say, “Ok, that’s cool. This obviously isn’t a fit for you. But who do you know that wants to make some money right now?”

MLM Recruiting Secrets #5 – Keep it Short and Sweet

Armed with my 30+ slide PowerPoint presentation and my encyclopedia of facts and figures, my presentations would often run 2-4 hours or more.

Guess what the #1 objection I got was?

“I don’t have the time”

Obviously, if you’re taking several hours to do one presentation, people are going to look at what you’re doing and tell you they don’t have the time. Also, if you’re going to do hundreds of presentations like the pros do, this is highly impractical.

You need to keep your presentations to 30 minutes or less. You want to get in, give a short intro, give a product sample, play the video, call your upline if you need to, sign them up or schedule the next exposure, and get out.

MLM Recruiting Secrets – Next Steps

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