MLM Recruiting TipsMLM Recruiting Tips – What To Do If You Haven’t Recruited Anyone Yet, part 1

Maybe you’ve been in Network Marketing for a few months, or maybe it’s been a few years or more. However long it’s been, if you haven’t recruited anyone yet, or if you’ve only recruited a few people and they haven’t done anything, there are only two possible causes for your situation…

1) You aren’t doing something right


2) You aren’t doing something enough

The good news is that both of these problems are typically very simple to solve. The bad news is that they will both take a lot of work.

Let’s start with…

Problem #1 – You Aren’t Doing Something Right

There are a few ways to fix this, but here are 3 MLM Recruiting Tips to help you solve this issue. We’ll discuss Problem #2 in a future blog post.

MLM Recruiting Tips # 1 – Buy A Training Program

There are many excellent training programs out there, some are even free. For starters, I would recommend this one for anyone wanting to do their recruiting online, and then for a more detailed strategy that we’ve had a lot of success with, you’ll want to check out this one next.

As for training programs that cost money, these are the trainers that we’ve bought from that we can personally recommend: Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Adam Chandler, Tanya Aliza, Cesar Rodriguez, Michelle Pescosolido, Jessica Higdon, Rob Fore, Mark Harbert.

If you’re fairly new to Network Marketing and this is the first training product you’re buying, I would recommend buying Eric Worre’s Go Pro All Access membership for the biggest bang for your buck.

MLM Recruiting Tips # 2 – Join A Lead Generation System

Lead Generation Systems not only offer you the tools you need to generate leads, but also offer you the training to go with it.

My wife and I spent several thousands of dollars on individual training programs before we entered into a Lead Generation System. Now, it’s not that the individual training programs we bought weren’t any good. In fact, they were great, and well worth what we paid for them.

But the training offered by the system we use (MLSP) is just as good as any of the individual training programs we bought, and it includes thousands of hours of training on every topic under the sun.

Not only that, but for the money we spent on those individual training programs, we could have paid for several years of membership fees in MLSP. So as far as bang for your buck goes, a Lead Generation System will give you a lot more for a lot less.

You can check out a detailed review of MLSP right here.

There are other very good Lead Generation Systems out there. Empower Network is another one that a lot of people like. Power Lead System is another. I’m sure there are others out there, but these are the one’s I’m most familiar with.

MLM Recruiting Tips # 3 – Connect With A Mentor

Out of all these MLM recruiting tips, connecting with a mentor is a surest way to help you get on the right track. This is really the quickest, most effective solution to your problems. Getting one-on-one, step-by-step guidance on how to successfully build your business is what will get you seeing real results in a relatively short amount of time.

This mentor could (and really should be) your sponsor or someone in your upline. If you don’t have a sponsor and/or upline that is particularly helpful, there are many online trainers who can help you out.

Find someone who has achieved the success that you want in your business and connect with them. Send them an email and see how they can help you out. Each trainer will have their own personal style and personality, and each one will typically specialize in a certain type of lead generation strategy. So try to find one that you feel comfortable working with who teaches a system you would like to learn and be successful with.

MLM Recruiting Tips – What Worked For Us

Having done all 3 of these MLM recruiting tips, I can say that any of them will get you more results that what you’re currently getting.

The problem is (and this is what we did), is that most people will typically do what requires the least amount of commitment and/or money first, and then gradually progress towards the things that require more commitment and/or more money last.

The reason why this is a problem is because it almost always ends up costing you more money in the long run and delays your success for the longest possible time.

And here’s an analogy to illustrate my point…

It’s like going on a road trip and not knowing which road to take or how much gas you’ll need to get to your destination.

What most people do with their Network Marketing business is start with MLM Recruiting Tips # 1 and buy a training program, which is like putting $5 into the gas tank and asking the guy behind the counter which general direction to drive in.

Doing this, almost everybody runs out of gas and has to call for help. You get to another gas station and this time put $10 into the tank and buy a map. This is what joining a Lead Generation System will do for you.

Most people will get on the right road to get where they’re going, but it’s not the shortest or fastest route, and most people still run out of gas and need to call for help.

And then the last thing people will do is fill their tank to the top and buy a GPS which shows them the shortest, fastest route and gives them turn-by-turn directions on how to get there. This is what connecting with a mentor will do for you.

And had they done this in the first place, they would have saved the time and money of getting stuck the first two times and they would have gotten to their destination a lot faster.

Now, you just might get to your destination by putting $5 in the gas tank and driving in the general direction of your destination. You might also get there by putting $10 in the tank and buying a map.

But if you’re really serious about succeeding in your business, you need to connect with a leader who can show you step-by-step what you need to do to get where you want to go with your business.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog post to learn how to deal with Problem #2: MLM Recruiting Tips – What To Do If You Haven’t Recruited Anyone Yet, part 2

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