MLM Scripts - Network Marketing Invite ScriptsMLM Scripts – Tips For Successful Network Marketing Invite Scripts

Inviting people to check out your presentation is a critically important skill to develop.

Depending on how well you know the person you’re inviting and what your relationship to them is, you’re going to want to use different Network Marketing scripts.

But before we get into the exact wording of what you want to say in your invite scripts, here’s a free Facebook Recruiting Workshop that you will want to attend if you want to start generating leads for your Network Marketing business ASAP.

MLM Scripts – What NOT To Say In Your Invite Scripts

The trap that a lot of Network Marketers fall into – especially when they’re new – is to start pitching their products and opportunity in their MLM invite scripts.

And when people do that, the intent is to give your prospect more reasons to say yes to the invite and to get them excited about what you’re doing and also to pre-sell them.

Unfortunately, doing this always has the opposite effect. All it does is RAISE resistance. And in your MLM invite scripts, you want to do everything you can to lower resistance and make it easy for them to say yes to the invite.

MLM Scripts – MLM Invite Scripts That Let Imaginations Run Wild

When you give people parts of your presentation during your invite scripts without them being able to see the entire presentation, what it will do is set off a bunch of red flags in their minds.

If you give your prospect some of the details (even just the best ones) without them seeing the full presentation, they’re going to fill in all of the gaps with their preconceived ideas of what your opportunity is about.

In other words, their imaginations will run wild with everything you don’t want them to think.

Because what most people who don’t know what Network Marketing is will think about is “Pyramid Scheme”, “Scam”, “I don’t want to sell”, “no one makes money at this”, etc.

They’ll start thinking of all the reasons they don’t want to do what you’re doing because they don’t have all of the details about what your opportunity is really about.

MLM Scripts – The Best Invite Scripts

The best Network Marketing invite scripts have only two goals. One is to lower resistance as much as possible, and two is to set up an appointment.

Any selling or convincing that you try to do during your Network Marketing scripts will be counterproductive to those two goals.

MLM Scripts – Some Rules To Follow

There are a few rules to always follow with your MLM Scripts.

1) Be In A Hurry

You want to be in a hurry because this lowers resistance and it discourages questions.

2) Give A Compliment

This isn’t completely necessary for your closest friends that you talk to on a daily basis. But when you’re talking to someone who’s not close to you, you want to give them a compliment. This goes a long way to lower resistance and make it easy for them to say yes.

3) Get A Solid Date, Time, Place Commitment

Don’t be vague with your plans. Being vague will just result in you chasing after people and looking desperate, and that’s never good.

Network Marketing Scripts For Your Hot Market

Your “Hot Market” includes the people who you know best. And for these people, the absolute best invite script that I have ever used is this:

“Hey Joe. It’s Todd. Hey, I’m glad I caught you. I don’t have a lot of time to talk, but are you free to meet Wednesday evening after work? I’ve got something really cool I want to run by you….ok, great. I’ll meet you at your place at 7pm.”

And that’s it. You can mix it up a bit and say, “I’ve got something big I want to show you” or “I want to show you my newest project”.

It’s ok to raise a little curiosity, but whatever you do, don’t tell them what it’s about.

MLM Scripts – What If They Ask What It’s About?

Ok…so if you raise some curiosity, they’re going to ask what it’s about. So how do you handle that?

This is why you need to be in a hurry. You don’t have time to go into it! So, you can say something like this…

“Joe, I’m headed out the door here so I don’t have a bunch of time to go into it. Plus it’s 90% visual anyways, so I couldn’t even explain it if I wanted to, but I can show you when we meet.”

MLM Scripts – But What If They REALLY Want To Know What It Is?

Don’t tell them. If they’re insisting that you tell them what it is, then all they’re doing is looking for a reason to say no.

And if that’s the case, then why put yourself into a position where you have to plead and beg for them to say yes?

So here’s the best way to handle this situation…

“Joe, If I try to explain it now, not only will it not make sense, but you’ll have more questions than I have time to answer. If you don’t want to meet, that’s fine. I’m sorry you’re going to miss out, but I really have to go.”

MLM Scripts – But What If They Say NO?!?

Come back to them later. It’s more important that you keep your posture and act like a confident, successful entrepreneur rather than give up your posture and start begging and pleading and chasing after people. Here’s a great article that explains exactly why.

If you want a complete resource full of Network Marketing Invite Scripts examples, this book is the absolute best resource to get.

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