MLM SponsoringMLM Sponsoring – 4 Tips For Helping Your Team Reach Its Full Potential

Once you’ve recruited some people into your Network Marketing business, people often expect things to just start taking off. Unfortunately, most of the time, it just doesn’t work that way.

I still remember recruiting our first several “business builders” and thinking that we could now shift our focus from prospecting and recruiting to training and team building.

What happened was most of our team didn’t do anything…never called a single person, never gave a single presentation, never sold a single product or signed up a single rep.

A few of our team members managed to speak to a handful of their friends and family. They all said no and those team members quit within a few months.

And two of our team members stuck with it for several more months, but were never active enough to gain any traction. The fault wasn’t necessarily with them. They listened to what we told them but they did what we did.

The problem was that what they needed to know how to do was prospect and recruit, and those were the activities we thought we didn’t have to do anymore. Even though we were telling them how to do everything they needed to do, we weren’t showing them how to do it, which is what they needed to see.

So after learning from our mistakes, here are 4 MLM sponsoring tips for helping your team reach its fullest potential…

MLM Sponsoring Tips #1 – Lead By Example

You don’t want your team to be completely dependent on you, so your goal should be to make your team members independent from you as quickly as possible. I think the golden rule of MLM sponsoring is that leaders don’t create followers, leaders create more leaders.

But while they will eventually need your guidance less and less, they will always be looking to you as an example – especially when they are first starting out.

Think of it this way. Your new team members know almost nothing about how to run their new businesses. All they know is what they saw and heard from you when you presented to them and what they see you doing now.

And as they say, the speed of the leader will determine the speed of the pack. If you stop prospecting, inviting, presenting, and recruiting, so will much of your team. However much emphasis and effort you put on those activities – that will be the ceiling for most of your team members.

MLM Sponsoring Tips #2 – Go Where The Fire Is

When you recruit someone into your opportunity, you want everyone to be successful. So it’s difficult to see someone not doing the things they need to be doing and failing in their business.

Now, it’s ok to contact those inactive people and see if there’s anything they need or something in particular that they’re struggling with, but you need to remember that it’s not your job to save everybody.

It’s not your job to pull and drag people to do the things they should be doing to succeed. All that is going to do is slow down the momentum of your entire team, and that hurts everyone.

You need to work with (and spend the most time with) the people who are motivated and active. Go where the fire is and fan the flames. That is what will create the most success for the most people in your organization.

MLM Sponsoring Tips #3 – Blitz Days

Getting your team members started fast is very important. The longer a person goes without doing an invite or a presentation, the more difficult it will be for them to get started. The excitement of their new business will fade, life will get in the way, the kids will have soccer and band, and they will be going on vacation next month. Eventually, it will be easier for them to just quit and forget they ever signed up.

So here’s an MLM sponsoring hack that will build some big momentum in your team…

There are lots of ways to do this, but I first learned about it from Eric Worre. He calls them “Blitz Days”. Basically, you get your whole team into a room with their contact list and cell phones (and chargers), and spend 2-3 hours just making appointments and filling up your calendars.

If you’ve got several people, you can split them up into teams and make a contest out of which team can get the most appointments in that 2-3 hour period. Do this every 2 weeks or so and get as many of your team members to attend as possible.

MLM Sponsoring Tips #4 – Stay Active, Stay Connected, Focus on IPA

One of the great pitfalls of Network Marketing is getting stuck in “study” mode. In other words, trying to learn everything before taking action.

Now, personal development is important, but it isn’t necessarily considered an IPA (Income Producing Activity).

What happens when you (and your team members) stop your IPA is that feelings of doubt, fear, uncertainty, etc. start to creep in and take over. And the more those feelings take over, the harder it is to get active again.

So it’s very important to stay active and focus most of your efforts (80% to 90%) on Income Producing Activities…things like prospecting, inviting, presenting, recruiting, etc.

It’s also important to stay connected – have regular team meetings and check ins. Attend your company’s events and encourage your team to do the same. Arrange car pools if you need to.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets…

Following these 4 MLM Sponsoring Tips will certainly help your team to reach its fullest potential, but if you really want to take your team to the next level, you can learn how to do so by one of the best in the business…Ray Higdon’s Free Sponsoring Secrets Webinar is what you will want to watch next.

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Todd A. Getts

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