MLM Sponsoring TipsMLM Sponsoring Tips – The Importance Of Confidence And Posture

When you’re presenting your opportunity to people, you are essentially asking them to go into a long-term business venture with you. So confidence and posture are two things you need to have as a Network Marketer, because people are much more likely to go into business with confident leaders. Conversely, people will be resistant to joining desperate, clingy salespeople.

But what exactly does that look like? In this MLM sponsoring tips post, I’ll give you two examples of how two very different Network Marketing sponsors might act. Both are told ‘no’ in the end, but each handles that rejection in a completely different way.

And even though neither one got the sign-up, you should be able to see that one Network Marketer is presenting himself in a way that will produce a lot more success in the long run.

So here we go…MLM Sponsoring Tips – A Tale Of Two Sponsors

MLM Sponsoring Tips – Scenario #1

Potential MLM Sponsor #1 calls you to ask for an invite and says he’s just joined the best Network Marketing company with the best products, the best compensation plan, and an amazing upline that really wants you to be successful.

You tell him you’re not interested, but he begs you to just let him do a presentation for you because he’s new and needs the practice. You feel sorry for him, so you give in and say yes.

During the presentation, he buries you in product samples and spends over an hour hyping things up, going on and on about how great the products are the very best on the market and about how great the company is.

He explains in detail how the compensation plan works and how easy it is to make money. And then tells you all about how great his upline is, and about how they really, really care about your success.

MLM Sponsoring Tips 1In the end, he begs you to join.

You tell him no and he panics…he continues to try to convince you to join. Once again, you tell him thanks, but no thanks. The conversation drags on for a while longer and you eventually manage to find some excuse to leave.

The potential sponsor ends the presentation, but doesn’t let you go without a pile of books, more product samples, product pamphlets, and a promotional audio CD.

The very next day, he starts leaving voicemails and text messages asking if you’ve checked out the materials he gave you yet. He reminds you that they’ve got the best MLM with the best products, the best compensation plan, and an upline that is very interested in your success and that you really should reconsider and join.

MLM Sponsoring Tips – Scenario #2

Potential MLM Sponsor #2 calls you and just says he would like to talk to you about something exciting he just got involved with. He doesn’t tell you what it is, but he’s in a hurry and just wants to set up a time to sit down and talk to you about it. You’re curious what your friend is up to, so you say yes.

During the presentation, he does very little talking. He just mixes up an energy drink, plays a video for you, and then puts you on the phone with his upline.

You ask a few questions which he answers, but in the end, you tell him you’re not interested.

MLM Sponsoring Tips 2Without a single sign of desperation he just smiles and says, “Ok, that’s cool. This obviously isn’t a fit for you, but who do you know that wants to make some extra money right now?”

You’re a bit surprised by his response because you expect him to act like potential sponsor #1 did. You give him the contact info of a few of your friends who might be good at this sort of thing. Potential sponsor #2 then thanks you for your time and leaves.

You don’t hear from him again, but you do hear through the grapevine that one of the referrals you gave him signed up. You start to thinking that if you had joined, your friend would be in your downline and you could be making some money right now.

MLM Sponsoring Tips – Which Potential Sponsor Do You Want To Be?

Based on the MLM sponsoring tips scenarios above, which potential sponsor do you think is presenting themselves as a confident leader who is going to succeed whether you decide to join them or not? Which potential sponsor is the type of person that people are going to want to go into business with?

Moral of the story = People join and go into business with confident leaders. No one wants to go into business with some who acts weak, desperate, clingy, and salesy.

MLM Sponsoring Tips – The Hard Part

The most difficult part about acting like a confident, postured leader is that those skills don’t just require the right knowledge about how to act, but it also requires a lot of practice to develop the right behaviors in yourself to the point where it becomes natural.

As far as the practice goes, only you can develop that. But as for the knowledge, this free webinar by Ray Higdon is a great place to start.

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