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We are all looking to find our diamond in the rough and recruit the next great MLM leader. So, when you are talking to prospects, how do you know if they will be worth your time & have the potential to grow into a great MLM Leader? As we talked about in 5 Valuable Tips on How to Find MLM Leaders, when it comes to MLM sponsoring it’s important not to waste your valuable time on duds, so here are the top 5 traits to look for that can make a great MLM leader.

MLM Sponsoring: Prospect Trait #1

Entrepreneur Mentality: When you first start interacting with someone, you should be assessing them, not just working up to a pitch.  Knowing their mentality when it comes to making money is really important.

Are these people only thinking of making money in terms of having a job and getting a wage, or do they think about profits and investments?  We need wage earners in society, but if all they think about is an hourly wage, then they aren’t necessarily the MLM Leaders that you are looking for.  Plus, someone who understands investments is more likely to be comfortable with the startup costs needed to get going.

MLM Sponsoring: Prospect Trait #2

Prior Success: While it’s unlikely you will build your business off of others who are already successful in their own MLM company (good luck trying to convince them to quit their opportunity and join you!), you should be looking for people who have a history of success.

Is this someone who has failed out of school, lost several jobs, and hasn’t gone anywhere in life, or are they someone who already has a proven track-record of success in some field?  Working hard, having vision, & reaching goals are all things that will translate well into the MLM world and will help them become great MLM Leaders.

MLM Sponsoring: Prospect Trait #3

Coach-able & Willingness to Learn: No matter where they are starting from, they are going to have to learn at least a few things to be successful in their business, so it’s imperative that they are willing to learn & will be easy to coach.

We have all had conversations with folks that seem to know it all and have to one up you at every turn of the conversation. They are also the people that never let you finish a sentence and keep cutting you off. Think to yourself…if you recruit them, will you be able to coach them? Will they be willing to learn from you? If they aren’t willing to learn from you, it will be as fun as banging your head against the wall!

MLM Sponsoring: Prospect Trait #4

Positive Attitude: Isn’t it always great fun to hang out with a Debby Downer? No one enjoys being around people who are constantly negative.

You aren’t going to want to be around them to coach them & others aren’t going to want to join them if they always have a negative outlook.  Until they have major change in mindset, this business isn’t for them. Positive people will have a much easier time prospecting and won’t flake when they have their first difficulty in their business.

MLM Sponsoring: Prospect Trait #5

Ambition: The most successful people in this industry are hungry, and I’m not talking about looking for a Big Mac.

They are ambitious and looking for more out of life. They aren’t satisfied with the status quo of working their life away just to keep their bills paid.  They have a vision of a better life & are looking for a way to get there. These are the types of people who have the drive to make this business work even when it doesn’t come easy. They have a strong enough vision of what they want that they will keep going.  These folks are GOLDYou want as many of these in your business as possible!

Okay, you know what to look for in a prospect, now you just have to get them to join! Piece of cake! Right? Click this link for a free webinar by one of the industry’s best leaders on how to sponsor like a pro.

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Leah Rae

Leah Rae


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