MLM Strategies - Universal Rule for RecruitingMLM Strategies – 5 Universal Rules For Recruiting

Whether you’re using online or offline MLM strategies to recruit for your Network Marketing business, there are some rules that apply no matter what MLM recruiting strategy you’re using. Here are the 5 Universal Rules for MLM Recruiting…

MLM Strategies Rule #1 – What’s In It For Me?

Also known as WIIFM. No matter what MLM strategies you’re using to recruit people, your prospects will always be wondering “what’s in it for me?” If you can’t give them a good answer to that question, you’re going to have a tough time recruiting anyone.

People need to see the value in what you’re doing before they will be willing to join.

Work on framing everything from your prospect’s perspective. For example, don’t talk about how much commission you will make if they sign up. Talk about how much commission THEY will make when THEY sign someone else up.

Another example would be to speak to their dreams and goals. If your prospect says he has been living paycheck to paycheck and hates his job, and he dreams about being able to move to a great neighborhood and send his kids to a top tier school, talk about how your opportunity can help him achieve that.

MLM Strategies Rule #2 – Confidence and Posture

In recruiting people with either offline or online MLM strategies, you need to have confidence and posture. Recruiting with confidence and posture will help others to see you as someone who is successful, as someone who is an authority in the business, and as a leader they want to follow.

People don’t join companies, they join people. To be more specific, people join leaders. No one wants to go into business with a weak, desperate, clingy salesperson. They will go into business with someone they see as able to lead them toward success.

People also join others who present themselves in a way that they would like to be seen. So if you are coming off as desperate and salesy, the people you are presenting to are going to think to themselves that THEY don’t want to be seen as desperate and salesy (like you), and it will be very difficult to recruit them.

However, if you are perceived as being a confident, successful, professional entrepreneur, people will think to themselves that they would like to be seen in the same way and will be much more likely to join.

MLM Strategies Rule #3 – Don’t Propose On The First Date

When you ask someone to join your Network Marketing business, you are asking them to enter into a long-term relationship. It’s a big commitment, both financially and time-wise.

Now, imagine if a stranger just walked up to you and the very first thing they say to you is, “Will you marry me?”

This is essentially what you are doing when you try to pitch your business opportunity to someone in your first conversation. Again, this rule applies to all MLM strategies, both online and offline.

If you’re recruiting people with offline MLM strategies at the mall, gas station, post office, at a networking event, etc. don’t pitch your opportunity to them right away. That is a great way to get a quick “no” before they ever see what your opportunity is about. Your only goal should be to build some trust and rapport and then get their contact information.

The same thing goes for your online MLM strategies…don’t spam your business opportunity everywhere all day, every day. People don’t respond to that. It’s a great way to get unfriended, unfollowed, and blocked from everyone’s newsfeed. You need to attract people with something of value that they are actually looking for and want. Once you provide the value, then they will be much more open to taking a look at your opportunity.

MLM Strategies Rule #4 – Know, Like, and Trust

This rule is closely related to MLM Strategies Rule #3…Network Marketing, at its core, is a relationship business. This is something that will never change. People will only buy and join people that they like, know, and trust.

This is another reason why pitching your opportunity to everyone right off the bat never works well. Your opportunity will be no different than the next guy’s opportunity. The people you are pitching to will just see you as another salesman or spammer trying to sell them something they don’t want.

Again, whether you’re using online or offline MLM strategies, you need to build trust and rapport first. This means saying “hi” and breaking the ice with a few questions. Ask about their family, what they do for a living, what they do for fun, etc. Get them talking about themselves.

If they act like they don’t want to engage, that’s fine. Move onto the next prospect. If they are engaging and they seem like they’d be a good fit for your opportunity (a lot of people won’t be), then go ahead and give a compliment and pop the question…”Do you keep your options open to making any money outside of what you’re currently doing in (whatever their job is)?”

If they say no, thank them for their time and move on. If they say yes, grab their name and phone number and tell them you’ll follow up with them later. But whatever you do, don’t pitch them with your opportunity! Always get their number and follow up with them on the phone.

MLM Strategies Rule #5 – The One Tool Your Business Can’t Survive Without

You can build your Network Marketing business with several MLM strategies both online and offline, but there is one tool that you will need no matter what. And that is…

Drum roll…

Your telephone.

You’ve got to pick up the phone and call people. Again, this is a relationship business. Even with online MLM strategies, you can’t just point people to a website and expect them to sign up with you. You need to get them on the phone, talk to them and “work the lead”, and if they want to sign up with you, walk them through the sign-up process over the phone.

MLM Strategies – The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the basic principles of Network Marketing will always be the same. The technology and the internet allow us to automate portions of what we do, but this profession will always be about relationships and business.

If you try to build your downline without building relationships, you’ll have a hard time recruiting anyone.

If you try to build your MLM without treating it like a real business through being a professional, confident leader, you will have lots of problems getting people to join.

These universal rules for MLM recruiting lay a great foundation for you to get started. If you want to take the next step and get some training from one of the best in the business, click here to access a FREE webinar and really get your business going.

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