MLM Success Tips - How To Make a ProfitMLM Success Tips – How to Make Your Business Profitable

Most people who start a Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing business don’t make money at it. For nearly a year, Leah Rae and I lost money in our business.

Our lack of success wasn’t due to lack of trying. We put in almost full-time hours into our business from the start. We presented to all of our family and friends, we actively prospected people when we went to the mall, grocery store, gas station, and elsewhere, and we did everything our upline told us to do.

We got a few sales and sign-ups here and there, but we never got the traction we needed for our business to really take off.

That is, until we did these 3 things…

MLM Success Tip #1 – NEVER Quit

The #1 reason why people fail in their business is because they quit. Statistically, about 95% of people who stay with the Network Marketing industry for 10 years reach the highest ranks in their companies and achieve financial freedom.

Unfortunately, very few people last 10 years in the business. Most people who start in a Network Marketing company quit before they ever make a single sale or sign up a single distributor.

The one sure way to fail in this business is to quit. Fortunately, the investment is typically low enough that almost anyone should be able to afford it. Unfortunately, the investment is so low that it probably makes it too easy for people to quit.

If you had invested $250,000 into your business like people do with traditional businesses, I think you’d see a much higher success rate in Network Marketing.

MLM Success Tip #2 – Do the OPPOSITE of what everyone else was doing

If you’re following the crowd, you can expect to get the results the crowd is getting. If you imagine what a typical Network Marketer would do, you need to do the opposite.

And what I mean is this…most Network Marketers act weak, desperate, and salesy. They chase after everyone, they throw way too many product samples at people, and they beg people to buy and join.

When they take their business online, they fill their social media profile with a bunch of posts about their products, their company, and their opportunity.

That’s what the Network Marketing “crowd” is doing. If you want to start making some profits, you need to do the opposite. You need to do what the successful Network Marketers are doing…

Instead of acting like a desperate salesperson chasing after all your friends and family, you need to act like a confident entrepreneur offering a great business opportunity that is only for the right person – you don’t chase after people who say ‘no’ or ‘maybe’.

Instead of spamming your social media profile with sales pitches, you need to fill it with valuable content that people want and are looking for.

MLM Success Tip #3 – Be willing to do things that you weren’t willing to do before

Most people are only willing to put minimal time, effort, and money into their Network Marketing business. Consequently, most people don’t make any money with their Network Marketing business.

If you want to grow and get better and start making a profit, you need to be willing to do things that you weren’t willing to do before.

Not only that, but you have to be willing to do what no one else is willing to do. You need to learn the skills no one else is willing to learn, and you need to put those skills into action.

Learning new skills requires that you invest in your personal development. If what you’re doing isn’t working, you will need to increase your knowledge and skills, which means buying books, training programs, and/or professional coaching.

By following nothing but our company’s training, Leah Rae and I made very few sales and never signed up a single rep.

After we bought a bunch of books, we started to sign up a few reps here and there.

After buying a bunch of training programs, we started signing people up on a regular basis.

And after buying professional coaching, our business grew exponentially and took off.

Where To Start?

Now, if you are ready and willing to put these 3 MLM success tips into action and work on your personal development, there are many training courses I could recommend – too many for me to list here. But this FREE webinar would be a great start.

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Take Care!

Todd Getts

Todd A. Getts


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