MLM Tips for BeginnersSo, you’re new to Network Marketing and you want to get off to the best start?…either that, or you’ve been in Network Marketing for several months, tried to do things your own way, failed at it, and are now going back to square one to figure out how to do things the right way.

If you’re like me, you fall into the latter category. Like a typical “know-it-all man” (as my wife would jokingly say), I thought I knew how to do things better than the experienced pros. I’m the kind of guy that buys a tricycle for his son and tries to put it together without looking at the directions – then, after finishing the project, looks at the instruction manual to figure out where all of the extra parts go.

Having struggled in this profession myself, I first learned things the hard way on my own, and then went back and learned things the right way from the pros.

This blog post is the first in a series of MLM Tips for Beginners that I’ll be writing. These tips are the key things you need to do if you want to avoid my mistakes and find success in Network Marketing from day 1:

MLM Tips for Beginners #1 – Follow the System!

Network Marketing works because it is built on a system, and it’s important to follow that system to achieve success. A system is a process of predictably achieving a goal. A system is what takes the chance and trial-and-error out of an activity. Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably. But without a system, even extraordinary people struggle to achieve even ordinary results.

Most well-established Network Marketing companies have a good system in place. Go through your company’s training and follow it. Don’t add to it, don’t subtract from it, don’t add your own spin to it.

It’s ok to put your personality into it, but don’t change the actual process they’re teaching you.

MLM Tips for Beginners #2 – Approach People as They See You

I think this one doesn’t get said enough. A lot of times, when people first get started with Network Marketing, they make this drastic change in their personality in an effort to convince people to join their opportunity.

Now, it’s good and normal to be excited about your Network Marketing business. When you approach your family and friends about your opportunity, go ahead and be excited…but don’t be UNCHARACTERISTICALLY excited. Don’t act CRAZY excited. It’s not normal…it’s weird, and quite frankly, it freaks people out a little.

Your friends and family like you the way you are (for the most part ), and a drastic change in behavior is going to throw up red flags for them. They’ll most likely look at your behavior, and before they even hear what your opportunity is about, they’ll decide that they don’t want any part of whatever it is you’re doing.

MLM Tips for Beginners #3 – Amateurs Convince, Professionals Sort

Amateurs in this business (i.e. people who aren’t making any money) will spend a ton of time trying to convince a few people to join.

Professionals in this business (i.e. the people making a LOT of money) will present to as many people as possible and only work with those who are ready and excited to get started.

You need to realize that Network Marketing is a numbers game. Following the system is only the first part. In order to predictably achieve the results the system is designed to deliver, you need to implement your company’s process consistently over an extended period of time and present to several people every week.

If you present to someone and they really aren’t interested, don’t throw more product samples at them, don’t throw a bunch of books and promotional materials at them, don’t try to convince them you have the best products and compensation plan ever, don’t try to convince them that your upline is the greatest…whatever your act of desperation is…JUST. DON’T. mmmmkay? Don’t waste your time, just move on to the next presentation.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should give up as soon as someone says no. Them saying “no” usually has VERY LITTLE to do with anything you did or said, so nothing that you do or say is going to convince them to join. It just isn’t the right time for them.

Just let them go for now, and then come back to them once you’ve had some results.

This is just the beginning…

There are many more tips that will help you achieve success in your Network Marketing business, but following these (especially MLM Tips for Beginners #1) will get you off to a better start than most people in the industry.

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Todd Getts

Todd Getts


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