MLM Tips for BeginnersToday, we’re continuing our series with Part 2 of the top MLM Tips for Beginners. If you missed part 1, you can get it here.

MLM Tips for Beginners #4 – Don’t Act Desperate

Don’t act desperate to sign people up. As the pros say, “Some will, some won’t. So what? NEXT!” Now, I know I said back in MLM Tips for Beginners #2 (in part 1) that you should approach your friends and family as they see you…and that’s true. At least to a point. If your friends and family see you as a weak, desperate, needy sales person, then you’re going to have to work on changing that perception of you.

Why? Simply because no one wants to go into business with a weak, desperate, needy sales person. Also, if that’s how you’re presenting yourself and you’re asking others to do what you do, that’s not a very attractive offer because THEY don’t want to be a weak, desperate, needy sales person.

So here’s the best way to avoid coming off as desperate…if someone says they’re not interested, stop trying to sell them on your opportunity. Your job isn’t to convince or sell…your job (and your only job) is to put your opportunity in front of as many people as possible (exposure!).

Yes, you need people to join you to be successful, but you don’t need any one specific person. There are enough people in the world who ARE interested in joining that you don’t need to waste your time with people who aren’t in the right place in their lives to join. Just find the people who are interested. Don’t waste your time with people who aren’t interested. The best way to find people who are interested is to just expose as many people as possible.

MLM Tips for Beginners #5 – ALWAYS ask for referrals!

Which brings us to MLM Tips for Beginners #5…when someone tells you no, just be cool about it, ok? Just use this line, “Ok, that’s alright. Clearly, this isn’t a fit for you. But who do you know that’s looking to make some money right now?”

Now, running out of leads for your business is a legitimate concern. Without leads, your business is dead. The best way to get more leads when you’re first starting out is to ask your friends and family for them after a presentation. Chances are that even if THEY aren’t interested, they likely know others who ARE interested. Referrals from your friends and family are a quick, easy, and FREE source for more leads.

Plus, if you can get someone to start thinking of all the people they know that might be interested in signing up, they may just talk themselves into joining because they will start to see the opportunity.

Also, (going back to tip #4) THAT is a postured response to someone saying “no” to your opportunity. Responding like that tells them that you respect their decision, and it also tells them that you’re confident enough in your business that you don’t need them to be successful. People will be a lot more attracted to that response than to any other sort of convincing you might try to do.

MLM Tips for Beginners #6 – ACT NOW!!!

The number one reason why people don’t succeed in Network Marketing is because they DON’T DO ANYTHING! I think the statistic I heard was somewhere around 70% to 80% of people who sign up for an MLM business quit before ever enrolling a single person or selling a single product.

It’s like signing up for the football team, buying the jersey, shoes, and equipment, and then never going to a single practice or game. Would there be any question as to why you never scored a touchdown?

To succeed in Network Marketing, you need to spend most of your time on “IPA”…Income Producing Activity. Trying to learn everything BEFORE you get started will only result in you never getting started. Going back to the football analogy, it would be like spending all of your time reading books on football and studying scouting videos and never going to a practice or game.

90% of your learning will take place as you go. That is because the most important skills you need to be successful in this profession can’t be learned from books or videos. They are learned through doing. Like throwing a football or shooting a basketball, studying the subject will only get you so far. Doing and practicing the activity is what will get you to the pros.

Going Beyond These MLM Tips for Beginners…

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Todd Getts


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