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MLSP Review – What Is MLSP and How Does It Work

MLSP Review What Is MLSP

In Network Marketing, your ability to generate leads will make or break your business. And once you learn how to generate leads, your ability to generate leads in a consistent and automated way will determine how quickly you reach the top ranks of your company.

Most people get stuck just trying to figure out how to generate leads. They go through every blog post and YouTube video they can find, and maybe even buy a book or video training course or two. They see how it’s supposed to work, but for some reason, things just aren’t working.

My wife and I actually spent several thousands of dollars on training from Ray Higdon, Jessica Higdon, Eric Worre, Todd Falcone, Cesar Rodriguez, Adam Chandler, Tanya Aliza, and others.

It was all good stuff. We learned a lot about lead generation from those training courses and I would highly recommend those trainers to anyone interested in succeeding in Network Marketing.

With the training we bought, our business was slowly starting to grow.

But the problem was that we were spending nearly all of our time on lead generation. What we needed was a leveraged way to generate leads.

And that’s when we were introduced to MLSP – My Lead System Pro.

So here I will give you an honest MLSP review, tell you what it is, how it works, and what it has done for our business…

MLSP Review – What Is MLSP?

When we were first introduced to MLSP, or My Lead System Pro, we didn’t join because we didn’t understand what it was or how it could help us. It wasn’t until several months later when a friend and mentor explained to us exactly what it could do for us that we decided to give it a try.

MLSP (My Lead System Pro) is an online lead generation system that has produced some of the biggest names and success stories in the Network Marketing industry. MLSP is responsible for the success of people like Ray Higdon, Diane Hochman, Adam Chandler, Justice Eagan, Lisa Torres, Michelle and Bill Pescosolido, April Marie Tucker, Mark Harbert, and many, many others.

Many other Network Marketing leaders use and promote the system as well, such as Cesar Rodriguez and Rob Fore.

But Really, What Is MLSP?

Very simply put, MLSP gives you ALL of the tools and training you need to generate leads online in ANY platform you choose…whether it’s blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, paid advertising, webinars, or anything else.

The training MLSP provides is done by the leaders in MLSP and cover every topic related to building your Network Marketing business online – thousands of hours of training easily worth hundreds of thousands of dollars if you were to buy each one as a separate course.

What Tools Does MLSP Offer?

Without getting too technical, it gives you everything you need to generate leads online, including blog hosting, lead magnets, capture pages, contact manager, and email autoresponder (and much, much more). If you were to buy each of these services separately, it would easily cost you several hundreds of dollars a month.

Not only does MLSP give you these tools, but it provides extensive training on how to use each one to its fullest potential to build your business.

How Does MLSP Work?

So here’s the great thing about MLSP. We would normally keep something like this a secret and only tell our team members about it. I mean, why would we want our competitors to know about something like this, right?

The reason I share this system with others who are not on our team is because MLSP also works as an affiliate program. Meaning that when people contact us for help and they don’t want to join our Network Marketing business, we can offer them MLSP and still make commissions from them.

This is how you make money from the 90% who say no to your business.

And that is one of the reasons we’re able to help so many people even if they don’t join us…because we can offer them MLSP, and we both benefit. They get the best lead generation system available, we help them get set up in the system and also draw a commission from their membership fees.

Does MLSP Work?

Since joining MLSP, the growth of our business has increased exponentially. In fact, we’re consistently at the top of the MLSP leaderboards. We generally bring in a dozen leads or so every day, and our all-time high is 143 leads in one day.

MLSP Review

We have a blog with several posts ranking on the first page or two of Google because of MLSP. We have a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Fan Page, and Instagram Fan Page, all with several thousands of followers because of the tools and training we received in MLSP.

And we are able to use those blog posts and fan pages to generate dozens of leads every day because of the tools and training we have in MLSP.

So does MLSP work? Yes. Absolutely it does.


But honestly, there are many people who join MLSP and get totally lost and overwhelmed. They don’t know what to do or where to start. And because of this, they aren’t successful with it and they eventually quit.

Much like having the right sponsor in Network Marketing, having the right sponsor in MLSP can make all of the difference in your success. So it’s important to find someone who is successful with the system to help get you started and going in the right direction.

How Much Does MLSP Cost?

Not nearly as much as it should! But through a special offer, you can get started today for only $10. Check it out right here.

Got questions before you sign up? Contact us here.

I hope you got some useful information out of this MLSP Review. If so, can you do me a quick favor? Like, share, and comment below. It’d be great if you’d give me some feedback!


Take Care!

Todd Getts

Todd A. Getts



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  1. Karl Perkins on January 7, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    Great post, Todd! Glad you shared this

  2. Rick Redman on July 12, 2016 at 11:44 pm

    I’m retiring from the real estate business at the end of the month. I will have a considerable amount of time to work online. I would like to generate a minimum of a few thousand dollars a month of income. Will this system give me that opportunity? If so please contact me and let’s discuss it. I am very coachable.

  3. Roy Stubbs on August 18, 2017 at 1:51 am

    Hi, Todd and Leah
    My name Roy Stubbs I have been following lot of leads in MLSP what I have done gone through your information and been the best lay out plans I have come across in MLSP
    Roy learning your information and sharing it with the people that looking at me as their leader. I hope alright that share your information with my leaders.

    Roy Stubbs

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