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What To Do When Network Marketing Just Isn’t Working Out

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What To Do When Network Marketing Just Isn’t Working Out

We love Network Marketing. The industry has been very good to us and we’ll always support it.

That being said, it is definitely NOT for everyone.

It requires a lot of up-front investment – not just money, but also time – and most people don’t see profits for years.

For people first coming into the profession, the reality of how things actually work in Network Marketing almost always fall woefully short of the expectations they had going into the business.

And it is very sad when we see people completely give up on building a home business just because Network Marketing didn’t work out for them…

Because believe it or not, but there are MANY ways to build a business from home that produce a reliable income that are NOT Network Marketing.


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Is Network Marketing Really The BEST Home Business?

For some, definitely yes.

But I think for most others, no.

Let me explain…

Network Marketing is a great opportunity for those who love working with people both one-on-one and in a team setting. It’s a relationship business and always will be. It’s not something that you can fully automate.

Even if you generate your leads on automation (like we do), Network Marketing still requires that personal touch (a personal conversation/phone call) to get people to join, and it also requires your continued personal interaction to build and develop your team.

Network Marketing is also best for people who are patient enough to build a business for at least 3-5 years with little to no profit in order to build a reliable income later on – and it’s especially good for people who just enjoy the social interaction and are passionate about the product.

Network Marketing is also a good option for people who don’t like or don’t want to do anything too technical, and who don’t want to get caught up with logistics, inventory, shipping, customer service, managing employees, etc.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Do Network Marketing?

Good question!

Most people are sold on the idea of Network Marketing based on the possibility of fast results and life-long residual income.

Just build a team of distributors and they’ll do all the work for you. Just sit back and watch the money roll in, right?

Well, it almost never works that way.


For 2 main reasons…

#1 – Work Effort And Time

First, is the amount of work and the length of time it takes to actually make a profit in Network Marketing.

Network Marketing Success Tips

Most top earners have to commit to the same company for at least 5 years, personally recruit at least 100-500 people, and they will make most of their income from only 2-5 leaders on their team.

With that in mind, only about 1 out of every 10-20 people you talk to will join.

So imagine having to talk to 3,000-6,000 people to get about 300 to join.

Of those 300, only 180 will do anything (sell a product or recruit another rep).

Of those 180, only 60 will still be around after a year.

And of those 60, only 2-5 will turn into leaders that produce most of your income after 5 years.

This is why they say that Network Marketing is a numbers game – and most people are simply not willing to put in the effort or time to get the numbers they need to build real life-long residual income with Network Marketing.

#2 – Filling A Leaky Bucket

The 2nd reason building life-ling residual income in Network Marketing is so difficult (and elusive) is due to constant attrition – even of your top producers.

People who don’t see immediate results quit. People who get results immediately stick around, but once they run out of friends and family to talk to, their business eventually dies out and they quit.

There are very few who stick around that are willing to learn the cold-market recruiting skills necessary to become top-producers. And even those top-producers are prone to leaving for greener pastures as well.

In the age of the internet, new Network Marketing opportunities are popping up almost every day – each one promising to be the “next big thing”, having the best “timing”, or being the best “ground-floor opportunity” with their huge “pre-launch”, etc…

Network Marketing Success SecretsThis constant bombardment of bigger/better opportunities lures away struggling distributors who want a better position in an organization and faster profits, and also pulls away top distributors who see their income plateauing with their current company and who see the opportunity to be the top dog in a different opportunity.

And this constant churning of distributors from company to company is now more prevalent than ever.

What Are My Other Options?

Thanks to the internet and social media, you can pretty much sell anything online and turn ANY product, service, or opportunity into a profitable business.

You can create your own products (soap, lotions, supplements, ANYTHING) and sell that online. This obviously involves the most work – you have to create the product, package it, ship it, deal with customer service, returns, etc. BUT…it also has the highest profit margins.

If you don’t want to create your own products, you can buy products wholesale and then sell them online (e-commerce). You don’t have to deal with manufacturing and packaging, but you still have the inventory, shipping, customer service, etc. to deal with. There’s less of a profit margin, but it’s still decent.

If you don’t want to keep inventory or deal with shipping, you can sell products through drop shipping. With drop shipping, you simply take the orders and forward them to another company that handles the inventory and shipping. So, the manufacturing, inventory, shipping, and returns are all done for you. All you deal with is customer service and making the sales.

The downside to drop shipping is that the profit margins are very low…typically around 20%, and that’s before anything you spend on ads.

Is There Anything LIKE Network Marketing But BETTER?

I know, I know…

Those other home businesses seem like a lot of work, right? You just want something simple and profitable that you can start right NOW and make money ASAP…

So, is there anything that takes the good things about Network Marketing and leaves out the bad?

There is, in fact, a great alternative to Network Marketing that most people never find out about. It’s called Affiliate Marketing.

Just like Network Marketing, you get a business in a box…there’s no inventory to deal with, no employees, no shipping, no customer service, etc.

Affiliate MarketingBut unlike Network Marketing, you make your money up-front rather than after 3-5 years. You put in the work now, and you get paid now. So it’s great for people who need to make a profit as soon as possible.

It’s also much easier to make sales and get sign-ups because it doesn’t have that stigma of being a “pyramid scheme”, and you don’t have to push products on your friends and family that they don’t want.

You can also automate sales, and there isn’t a need to personally interact with anyone if you don’t want to…there’s no “recruiting” or “team building” aspect to it – there is no team or downline to support, train, or manage.

You also don’t have to do any presentations, you don’t have to follow-ups, you don’t have to close. All of the marketing and sales are done for you…all you have to do is provide the traffic. Just get people to see the offer.

Now, not all Affiliate Marketing opportunities are like that, but a few very good ones are.

Can You Do Both Network Marketing AND Affiliate Marketing?

Yes. Definitely.

There are thousands of Network Marketers (us included) who use Affiliate Marketing to make their money up-front while still building their Network Marketing business to generate the long-term residual income.

Had we not had our Affiliate Marketing commissions to support us while we built our Network Marketing business, it would have taken us years longer to actually retire from our jobs.

And since you’re not joining another MLM, there’s no conflict of interest and you’re not violating any of the terms with your Network Marketing company.

Where Do I Learn How To Do Affiliate Marketing?

We’ve got a short training video on how affiliate marketing works, what’s involved, and how to get started. You can access it right here.

The video is not very long, only about 22 minutes, but it will show you what’s possible in a very short amount of time, and in most cases, by putting in less effort than you do with Network Marketing.

Click here to access the video.

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Take Care!

Todd Getts

Todd A. Getts



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