Network Marketing Online - Biggest MistakeNetwork Marketing Online – The Biggest Mistake You Can Make

There are thousands upon thousands of people doing their Network Marketing online, but only a small percentage of them really seem to be successful.

Despite having an audience of millions of people around the globe, why are so many people unable to generate leads and get sales and sign-ups when doing their Network Marketing online? What gives?

Network Marketing Online – The Biggest Mistake

The one big mistake I see just about every Network Marketer make when bringing their business online is that all they do is post pictures and information about their products, company, and opportunity (if this is you, don’t worry about it! It’s a very common mistake and it’s not too hard to fix when you’re taught what you need to do ).

Now, while this online Network Marketing strategy can work with your warm market (people you already know), this is not exactly a Network Marketing strategy that will work with your cold market (people who don’t already know you).

Network Marketing Online – Still A Relationship Business

So why does posting product pictures and opportunity information work with your warm market when Network Marketing online, but not with your cold market?

It’s because Network Marketing has been, and always will be, a relationship business.

People only buy from and join those that they know, like, and trust.

And since you already have that familiarity and rapport with your warm market, they are much more open to hearing about your products and opportunity.

On the other hand, when Network Marketing online, your cold market doesn’t yet know, like, or trust you. So when you connect with them and the first and only thing you do is bombard them with product and company information, they’re going to feel like they’re just being sold on something.

And while people love to buy things, they hate being sold.

Network Marketing Online – Your TV Channel

Another thing to keep in mind is that people don’t log onto social media to get pitched and sold on stuff. They log onto social media to consume content.

So, with social media Network Marketing, you need to think of your social media feed as if it were a TV channel.

If all you’re doing is posting pictures and information about your products, company, and opportunity, it’s like you’re running a TV channel that plays nothing but commercials all day, every day, 24/7.

And when people turn to a TV channel that is playing nothing but commercials, what do they do? They change the channel. And this is why people who are using this Network Marketing social media strategy get blocked, muted, and why no one is paying attention to their posts.

Network Marketing Online – Generating Leads vs. Pitching and Selling

The third big reason why this strategy doesn’t work well when doing your Network Marketing on social media is because before you can ever get a sale or a sign up, you NEED to generate the lead FIRST.

You need to get people’s contact information, get them on the phone, and THEN the sales and sign-ups happen.

So the issue is that pitching and selling people on your products and opportunity up front is a very ineffective way of generating leads.

When you try to pitch and sell people up front when doing your Network Marketing online, what happens is that people who might be interested don’t contact you. Instead, they do a Google search for your company to find out if it’s a scam.

And the thing about Google is that it tells you everything you want to hear…so if you Google “Amway Scam”, Google will give you a bunch of proof that Amway is a scam even though it’s a great, perfectly legitimate MLM company.

And when that happens, anyone who might be interested in your products and opportunity get scared away before they are ever able to see your full presentation and you lose them before you ever have a chance to give them all of the information they need to make an informed decision.

And that’s why people aren’t able to generate leads by pitching and selling their company and products up front.

Network Marketing Online – How To Turn Things Around

So what’s the solution? How do you properly market your business online so that you can generate leads and then get sales and sign-ups?

For starters, this blog post on How To Get MLM Leads On Autopilot will give you some great information on what to post and how to generate leads when Network Marketing online.

And for a full, step-by-step guide, I would highly recommend this free video training series that is probably the most detailed, in-depth step-by-step training you can get for free on how to do online Network Marketing.

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