Network Marketing RecruitingNetwork Marketing Recruiting – How To Recruit The Best Prospects

If you want your Network Marketing business to take off and grow exponentially, you need to recruit some very high-performing distributors.

You need to find people who have a clear goal and purpose for succeeding in this business, and who have the motivation, determination, drive, and discipline to learn the skills and (more importantly) take the necessary action to achieve those goals.

Network Marketing Recruiting – Recruiting Up

The best way to find people like this is to find people who have already displayed those qualities in other areas of their lives.

This is what is typically referred to as “recruiting up”. In other words, try to recruit people who are generally considered to be successful in life.

People who are already successful in life have a higher chance of being successful in Network Marketing because the skills and traits they had to learn and develop to become successful are also the same skills and traits they will need to become successful in Network Marketing.

Now, this doesn’t mean that other people can’t be successful in Network Marketing – I could point to many of the top leaders in the industry to immediately discredit that claim…but what I am saying is that, in general, people who have figured out how to be successful in other things will have a head start on those who haven’t yet figured it out.

Network Marketing Recruiting – Targeting The Right Prospects

In your offline Network Marketing recruiting efforts, you will need to target higher value prospects. Instead of trying to prospect the server at the restaurant, you might try prospecting the manager instead. If you’re prospecting people at the gas station, try striking up a conversation with the 30-something year old guy in the brand new SUV rather than the dude in the beat up old Kia in his early 20’s.

When doing your Network Marketing recruiting online, it’s easy to identify people in higher-level positions. Just look at their online profile and many people will tell you exactly where they work and what they do.

Even just a quick scroll through a person’s timeline can tell you a lot about what they do and how they spend their time.

If you’re running ads on Facebook or Twitter, they have very detailed targeting options available that you can take advantage of as well.

Network Marketing Recruiting – Your ‘Chicken List’

Many people still have a lot of people in their warm market that they haven’t presented their opportunity to yet. A lot of the time, these are people you haven’t presented to because you’re afraid to approach them – usually because they’re “higher up” in the societal food chain (i.e. more successful than you).

In Network Marketing recruiting, this is what’s called your ‘chicken list‘.

I think a lot of the time, people are afraid to approach their chicken list because they’re afraid of what they’ll think of you. And it’s perfectly natural to have those fears – most people don’t care too much about what the unsuccessful people in their lives think of them. But they care deeply about what the successful people in their lives think of them.

This is because we typically don’t look up to unsuccessful people, but we do look up to, admire, and respect the successful people in our lives. We want them to think well of us, and the fear is that if they find out we’re doing Network Marketing, they will lose respect for us.

Network Marketing Recruiting – Getting Over Your Fears

Here’s the part where you get to figure out if you really want to be successful in your Network Marketing business or not. Because if you want to be successful, then you need to get over your fear of going after the big fish.

You will never be successful in this business by trying to catch minnows in the pond. You need to get out into the open ocean and catch a few whales.

Getting over your fears in Network Marketing recruiting isn’t easy. I think some of the best advice about how to get over this fear comes from Ray Higdon who says that the main issue is that people are “addicted to the outcome”.

And one of the analogies he uses is with a waitress asking customers if they want pie. When a customer says “no”, the waitress doesn’t get discouraged and want to quit her job – she just takes the order and moves onto the next customer and asks them if they want some pie.

You see, the waitress isn’t addicted to the outcome. She doesn’t approach people with the mindset that she HAS to sell everyone a slice of pie. And when someone says no, she doesn’t feel rejected or discouraged. She doesn’t think she’s a failure, she doesn’t think that the customer thinks any less of her, and she doesn’t want to quit. She is completely detached from the outcome.

Network Marketing Recruiting – How To Go After The Big Fish

So what you need to do is think of your opportunity in the same way that the waitress thinks about that pie. Her goal isn’t to sell everyone pie. Her goal is simply to see if people are open to trying some pie.

Likewise, with Network Marketing recruiting, your goal isn’t to sign everybody up. In fact, if everyone did sign up, everyone would do it and there would be no money to be made for those of us willing to overcome our fears, learn the skills, and do the work.

Instead, your goal is simply to see if people are open to checking out your opportunity or products.

MLM Recruiting Training

There are tons of different Network Marketing recruiting strategies and methods you can use to approach your chicken list as well as your cold market both online and offline.

For some great training on how to approach your warm market (including your chicken list) this free webinar by Ray Higdon is a great start.

Here’s a great blog post about offline cold market prospecting and recruiting.

And for online recruiting, this training is by far the most detailed, in-depth, step-by-step training that I know of that you can get for free on the subject.

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