If you’ve done any amount of Network Marketing recruiting, you’ve probably been excited to bring a few people into your business, just to be disappointed when they didn’t do anything.

Network Marketing recruiting is largely a numbers game. You need to recruit a lot of people just to find one or two who do anything with their business.

But not all recruits are created equal…there are ways to do your Network Marketing recruiting that will attract high quality prospects.

Network Marketing Recruiting – People Join Leaders

The key to Network Marketing recruiting is to present yourself as a leader. People don’t join companies, they join people. And the type of people they join aren’t the desperate, clingy, salesy type of people. They join leaders.

And leaders don’t beg. They don’t chase. They don’t beat people over the head with their opportunity, and they don’t make excuses.

Instead, leaders attract others to them. They take action and lead by example. In other words, people join those who lead, not those who chase.

One Big Question You Need To Answer

So how do you incorporate these leadership traits into your Network Marketing recruiting strategy?

First of all, you don’t want to post a bunch of pictures and information about your products and opportunity when doing your MLM recruiting online.

This is because the big question people have is NOT why they should join your company.

Instead, the big question people have that you need to answer is why they should join YOU.

And you don’t answer that question by pitching and selling people on your opportunity up front.

You answer that question by providing people with value first and showing them that you are able to lead and develop them into successful Network Marketers.

Profile Setup

So, the very first thing you need to do regarding your online MLM recruiting is to set up and/or clean up your social media profiles.

You need to step back and look at your social media profile critically, and ask yourself if that looks like the profile of a Network Marketing leader.

Having pictures and posts that are controversial, polarizing, or in any way inappropriate will only hurt your MLM recruiting efforts.

So you’ll want to go through your social media profile and clean it up. If it’s really bad :p you may just want to start a new profile so you can get going with your Network Marketing recruiting faster.

Do What The Leaders Do

A good rule of thumb to go by when setting up your social media profile for Network Marketing recruiting is to look at what other leaders in the industry are doing. Look at people like Ray Higdon, Adam Chandler, Justice Eagan, and Mark Harbert (and of course, Todd and Leah Rae!).

These people are MLM recruiting experts who have generated tens of thousands of leads and recruited hundreds of people. If you want their same results, you need to imitate their same Network Marketing recruiting strategies.

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