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Have you ever wondered exactly how 6 figure earners get to where they are? What was their ‘secret’ that made them successful? As if they figured out something that no one else did, and if you just found out what their Network Marketing secrets were, you could also make 6 figures?

Sometimes, people think that there are a bunch of Network Marketing secrets that the top earners are just hiding from them.

But there really are no Network Marketing secrets, and it’s really not that hard to figure out how 6 figure earners in ANY industry got where they are. And to illustrate my point, I’ll tell you EXACTLY how Leah Rae and I figured out how to build our first 6 figure business that made us over $1.5 million in 5 years…

After having my job cut from the budget for the 2nd time in 3 years, I decided that sacrificing money for security wasn’t a good trade. So I started searching the job posting sites for jobs that paid the most money.

When I found a job that paid 6 figures, I would check out the job description to see if it was a job that I might like to do.

If the job description seemed like something I would like to do, I would then look at the education and experience requirements. And then I would go and find every job posting for the same type of position and look at the education and experience requirements for those jobs as well.

And once I narrowed my search down to a few career choices, I checked out people’s profiles on LinkedIn who already had the job that I wanted and I studied their education and work history.

And boom…there it was. My path to a 6 figure job. I decided to be an IT consultant.

So I went back to school and got the education I needed. We moved around the country getting the work experience we needed. And then, when our resumes matched those of the other IT consultants, my wife and I created our first Limited Liability Corporation and jumped into the world of entrepreneurship.

By taking action on that carefully thought-out plan, investing in our education, and sacrificing a lot of stability to move around the country to get the work experience we needed, we went from making less than $40,000 a year, buying everything we owned at Walmart and Goodwill, and struggling to make ends meet to successful IT consultants making multiple 6 figures a year. And it only took us 5 years to get there.

Network Marketing Secrets – Make The Plan

So there really are no Network Marketing secrets. You can apply this same method to find your path to a 6 figure income in Network Marketing.

After studying the path that different Network Marketers have taken, you can now decide whose path you want to follow.

Do you want to start blogging? Ray Higdon and Tanya Aliza will be great mentors for you.

Online Advertising and Email List building? You’ll want to check out Adam Chandler.

YouTube Videos? Get to know Mark Harbert.

Facebook? Michelle Pescosolido and Jessica Higdon are both great trainers.

Twitter? Marc Lalonde.

Instagram? April Marie Tucker.

Want to be a cold market prospecting ninja wherever you go? Cesar L Rodriguez will be your new sensei.

Of course, there are many, many other great MLM trainers out there who can teach you these things, but these are the ones we learned from and can recommend.

Network Marketing Secrets – Finding Your Path To 6 Figures

Find a bunch of Network Marketing leaders and get to know everything about them…where did they start? How do they get leads? Is it offline or online?

How many leads do they get every day?

How many people did they talk to every day to get those leads?

How many presentations did they give every week?

Did they use a specific training program or lead generation system?

Network Marketing Secrets – Get The Education

Here’s the part where many people get stuck. Here is where being cheap will keep you broke.

I would never have gotten the work experience I needed to be an IT consultant without first investing in my education and getting the degree and certifications I needed.

And the same thing holds true in Network Marketing. You will never generate the leads you need to be a 6 figure earner if you don’t first invest in the training programs you need to learn those lead generation skills.

Not sure what kind of education to get? This blog post will help you decide.

Network Marketing Secrets – Take Action

This is by far the most difficult part. Learning what you need to do is easy. Actually going out there and doing it is hard.

In fact, failure to take action (or failure to take enough action) is probably the number 1 reason why people fail in their Network Marketing businesses.

If you’ve found that this may be an issue for you and you need a kick in the butt rather than a pat on the back, then this training program may be for you.

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