Network Marketing SuccessNetwork Marketing Success: Laying The Foundation

Success in Network Marketing depends on a lot of factors. And like many things in life, you need to build your business in the right order. It’s kind of like building a house. You can’t start building the roof before you build all of the walls, and you can’t build the walls until you’ve built the foundation.

In Network Marketing, it makes sense that you should learn how to invite people to see your presentation before you learn how to sponsor someone.

But the true foundation of a successful Network Marketing business – the thing you need to have before anything else you do will be successful – is a goal.

Network Marketing Success: Where Are You Going?

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carroll

One of the most insightful things I’ve heard about successful vs unsuccessful people is that “successful people make decisions quickly (once all of the facts are known) and are slow to change their minds. Unsuccessful people make decisions very slowly and change them often and quickly.”

From everything I’ve experienced in school (including undergrad and graduate school), in the workplace, and in Network Marketing, I would say that this statement is very true.

Successful people make decisions quickly because they have a goal. Once they find something that helps them to achieve that goal, they are quick to take advantage of the opportunity.

This is also the reason they are slow to change their minds. They don’t give up on their goals, and won’t give up on an opportunity that will help them to achieve that goal.

Network Marketing Success: Goals = Purpose

Unsuccessful people have no goal and no plan. They’re skeptical of everything and are slow to make decisions. When they do make a decision, they are quick to change their mind whenever things start getting tough.

They bounce around from opportunity to opportunity, job to job, never really committing to anything long enough to experience any kind of success.

Having a goal is what gives everything else you do a purpose of helping you to achieve your goal. When things don’t have a purpose, that’s when it becomes very easy to change your mind and quit things.

Network Marketing Success: Setting Your Goal

In setting your goal, don’t think of what you want from your Network Marketing opportunity, think about what you want out of life. Making 6 or 7 figures in Network Marketing is a great achievement, but it shouldn’t be your goal. Rather, it should be a means to a goal.

What will making 6 figures in Network Marketing allow you to do? Will it allow you to be a stay-at-home parent and move your family to a better zip code? Maybe it will allow you to travel the world. Or maybe it will allow you to give your children all of the opportunities you never had in life.

The more specific you are with your goals, the more clear your path to that goal will be.

Network Marketing Success: What Is You ‘WHY’?

Not only should you have a goal, but you should know WHY you want that goal. This is what gives your goal (and everything you do to achieve that goal) a strong purpose.

Do you want to be the Dad that coaches all of your kid’s sports? Think about WHY you want to do that. Maybe it’s because you wished your parents were more involved in your extracurricular activities and this is how you want to be involved in your children’s lives.

Maybe you want to move to a better neighborhood, because your family has always lived on the wrong side of town and you want to give your children a better life than what your community can offer.

Network Marketing Success: Have a Goal? Now You Need A Plan…

Once you have your goal, you will need a plan to achieve it. If Network Marketing is the vehicle that will take you to your goal, then this FREE webinar will give you a solid, proven game plan for marketing your business online.

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