Network Marketing Training for beginners

Network Marketing Training For Beginners – 2 Proven Ways To Never Run Out Of Prospects

The Network Marketing training you get from your company is likely very good. The only problem with it is that it probably focuses solely on presenting your opportunity to your family and friends.

And the one thing most people don’t realize about Network Marketing when they first join is that ONLY presenting your opportunity to your friends and family is not enough…

At least, it’s not enough to make the kind of money most people want to make in this business.

One of the most common myths in this industry is that you just need to get 2 who get 2 who get 2.

What a bunch of BS.

It NEVER works that way.

Talk to ANY top earner and they will tell you that they had to present their opportunity to thousands of people to get where they are today.

Bill Britt was one of the most successful Network Marketers in the history of the industry. He once said, “There is no secret. I simply showed the plan to 1200 people. 900 said, ‘No’ and only 300 signed up. Out of those 300, only 85 did anything at all. Out of those 85 only 35 were serious, and out of those 35, 11 made me a millionaire.”

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It’s A Numbers Game!

The big thing you have to understand is that Network Marketing is all a big numbers game. In order to make big money, you’ve got to put up big numbers.

The problem is that most of us don’t have thousands of family and friends to present our opportunity to.

So what that means is that the BIG money is made not with your warm market (your family and friends), but rather, with your cold market…people you’ve never even met yet.

So how do you do that?

There’s only really 2 proven ways…

1) Cold Market Prospecting

Cold market prospecting is how most ‘traditional’ Network Marketers built their businesses. I consider it to be the most valuable skill a Network Marketer can learn.


Because Facebook can shut down your account. Because Twitter could one day go the way of MySpace. Because Instagram could change in ways that make it impossible for you to market there.

Get the picture?

Cold market prospecting is something you can do anywhere you go. It’s a skill that, once you learn it, will always be with you…you could be dropped anywhere in the world and within 1 year, you can build a 6 figure income with it.

The main problems I’ve found with it are that #1 – it’s incredibly UNleveraged. Meaning that you have to speak to people one on one, and one at a time. It’s a very tedious process and its exhausting if you’re doing this all day.

The second problem is that you’re talking to a lot of unqualified prospects. Most people you meet and talk to will have absolutely no interest in what you’re marketing.

2) MLM Lead Generation

The only other proven way to get prospects for your Network Marketing business is through MLM lead generation…by posting information on social media and having people reach out to you for more information.

Does it take a bit of technical skill?

Yeah, but if you can operate a computer and you’re willing to learn how to do things like ‘cut and paste’, create hyperlinks, and make Facebook posts, then there’s no reason why you can’t learn how to generate MLM leads online.

The great thing about MLM lead generation is that it is incredibly leveraged. Right now, Leah Rae and I spend no more than 30-60 minutes per day (on average) to generate 30-40+ leads/day.

Which brings us to the other reason why we love MLM lead generation…our prospects are highly targeted and highly qualified. We’re only talking to people who have an interest in what we’re marketing and who have reached out to us for more information.

The Big Difference

There is a fundamental difference between cold market prospecting and MLM lead generation.

And that is that with cold market prospecting, you are chasing after unqualified prospects, whereas with MLM lead generation, highly qualified prospects are chasing after YOU.

And this is the big reason why we almost 100% focus on building our business through MLM lead generation, and why we feel that every Network Marketer should at least learn a few MLM lead generation methods to supplement what they’re doing offline.

The Best Network Marketing Training

So how do you learn how to generate MLM leads online? There are a lot of great Network Marketing training courses out there that we could recommend, but the best place to start would be with this free Network Marketing training course that shows you step-by-step how we built a 6 figure income from scratch using just a few social media tools.

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Todd Getts

Todd A. Getts


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