Network Marketing TrainingNetwork Marketing Training – How We Learned To Succeed

There are a lot of Network Marketing training programs and coaches out there, and many of them are very good. But when it comes down to exactly who do you follow and which Network Marketing training system do you use, that really depends on exactly how you want to market yourself and your business.

For Leah Rae and I, we followed and bought Network Marketing training courses from many different trainers. The very first trainer we started to follow was Eric Worre, who is a giant in the industry. One of the great things he does is interview others who have been successful in Network Marketing.

Those interviews exposed us to a bunch of other leaders in the industry that we eventually started to follow and buy training courses from.

Network Marketing Training – Our Favorite Trainers

As we learned who is who in the industry, we found ourselves gravitating towards certain leaders and trainers in the industry…people like Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Diane Hochman, Cesar Rodriguez, Tanya Aliza, etc.

Some of our favorite Network Marketing training programs include Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Recruiting series, Cesar Rodriguez’s Reality Networker – Prospecting Mastery, Tanya Aliza’s Ultimate Branding Blueprint, and Adam Chandler’s List Leverage 2.0.

But we honestly got the very best results with this free Instagram training and this free Twitter training.

Network Marketing Training – Connecting With The Leaders

After buying thousands of dollars worth of Network Marketing training, we felt like we were hitting a plateau with our business. We were making progress, but not nearly as much as we wanted.

We knew that if we were serious about our business and serious about being top earners in the industry, we would need to get more personalized help than what a video training program could provide.

As great as those training programs are, they couldn’t answer the questions that were specific to our situation and they couldn’t give us the personalized guidance we felt we needed to get the results we wanted.

So we decided to reach out to some of the trainers that we had been following and personally connect with them.

Network Marketing Training – Doing What The Leaders To

What we didn’t know before we made those connections was that even though all of our favorite trainers had different areas of expertise, they all used the exact same system to market themselves and grow their businesses online.

So when we made the personal connections and found out what they were all doing, we decided that if we wanted to be top earners, we would need to do what the top earners do.

Through the connections we made, the coaching we received, and tapping into the same system other industry leaders were using, we finally started to see the momentum starting to build in our business.

Network Marketing Training – Fast Results In Only 3 Months

After making our connections and plugging into this system, things started to move fast for us.

We started generating leads within our first week, and by the end of our third week, we were consistently generating a handful of leads a day and as many as 30 in a single day.

By the end of our third month, we were comfortably generating 10-20 leads per day (with a high of 143 leads in one day) and getting regular sales and sign-ups in our business.

And this was all starting from scratch. Before using this system, we had never created a website or written a blog, we had never used Twitter or Instagram or Google+, we had never uploaded a video to YouTube, we never ran paid advertising, and we had never hosted a live webinar.

But with the training and tools and personal guidance we got with this system, were are now able to do all of that and be very successful with it in a very short amount of time.

Network Marketing Training – The Right Place At The Right Time

Depending on where you’re at with your business, you may not be ready for personal coaching and a full blown lead generation system. Some people are ready for that kind of commitment right away, and for others, they may not be ready for it until they’ve been in the industry for a year or two.

How do you know if you’re ready? I would say it is when you get to the point where you’ve decided that there is no turning back from your Network Marketing business. When you get to the point where you are willing to take action and do whatever it takes to succeed – that’s when you know you’re ready.

But if you’re still at the point where your Network Marketing business is just a hobby for you, or if it’s just something you’re trying out to see if it works or not, then I would suggest just starting with a good Network Marketing training book or a free webinar, or maybe even a paid training program by one of the industry’s many great trainers.

And the reason I say that is because, while investing in personal mentorship and a lead generation system are proven ways to succeed in Network Marketing, you still need to have laser-like focus and determination to make it work.

And if you’re still kicking the tires and dipping your toes into the water with your Network Marketing business, then investing in personal training and a lead generation system will be a waste of time and money right now.

Network Marketing Training – For Those Who ARE Ready

For those who are ready to make their business a success, there are two things I would suggest for you. First is to check out our free 5-Day Facebook Recruiting Workshop, which will help you to start getting results in your business ASAP.

The second would be to check out the lead generation system that we use and that is also used by many of the biggest names and most successful leaders in the industry.

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Todd Getts

Todd A. Getts


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