I am happy and blessed to have the privilege of interviewing Pat Flynn at VidSummit 2019. You may recognize him from his podcast- Smart Passive Income, or his blog www.SmartPassiveIncome.com. Pat is well known in the Affiliate Marketing and Online Business world, and has made a huge impact in our business since we first saw him speak at a Live The Dream event with MLSP (My Lead System Pro) a few years ago. Pat is a sought after speaker, speaking on stages all over the world. 

As a speaker myself, I am always looking for ways to step up my game and improve my skills so I can better serve my audience. Meeting Pat Flynn at the event was incredible, and I was excited to have the opportunity to pick his brain about speaking and presenting. Luckily I was able to capture our conversation so you too can benefit from the nuggets of wisdom Pat shared with me. 

Interview Transcript:

LEAH: I am happy and blessed to introduce you to someone that I’ve idolized in the online marketing world for a while, Mr. Pat Flynn.


LEAH: Got to see him at Live The Dream a year and a half ago and has really opened my eyes to a lot of opportunity online and the entrepreneurial world in general. One thing that I really admire about you and something that I am aspiring to get better at in our business, is your presentation skills,

PAT FLYNN: Thank you.

LEAH: Your storytelling and your ability just to own that stage and to be personable and authentic and funny like all wrapped up in your delivery at the same time, I think is critical, like as a marketer,

PAT FLYNN: Thank you.

LEAH: As a speaker, it’s in everything we do.


LEAH: So you’re awesome, number one.

PAT FLYNN: Thank you.

LEAH: But number two, what advice would you give for folks who are looking, that recognize that they need to improve upon this and what would you do?

Advice For Improving Your Speaking & Presentation Skills

PAT FLYNN: So I was not a natural-born speaker.

LEAH: Okay.

PAT FLYNN: I studied it.

LEAH: That makes me feel good.

PAT FLYNN: I’ve learned about it and it was a commitment to get better on stage, so that I can help more people. 

And I think that that’s the other reason. Yes, we all wanna get better on stage, but why? 

It’s so we can help more people, that’s what’s driving me. 

But studying it, watching TED Talks, understanding what you like, what you don’t like and developing your own style, trying things, testing it, and then of course getting access to stages is a whole another equation but once you do, one thing that I did over time was I go, okay, in this next presentation, what’s the one thing I wanna nail? Okay, I’m gonna nail where I stand on the stage and when. And that was like a primary focus for that one. 

Obviously I’d still try to deliver value and focus on other things but that’s the main thing I’m gonna focus on to see what works or what doesn’t. 

And then I start to stack on another thing the next time and another thing and it just keeps getting better and better each time purposefully.

 And then other than that, it’s actually asking for feedback from the audience as well, which I think is very difficult for many people to do because you don’t wanna hear how bad you were. 

But the funny thing is when you’ve delivered value, but you ask for feedback, nobody’s gonna tell you you were bad, they’re gonna offer, and if you really position it as, “Hey, I’m trying to improve, “what did you like, what did you not like, “or what could I improve on,” then you’re gonna hear it directly from the people who you were serving what you could do even better. And it’s not because you’re bad at something, it’s because you’re always trying to improve, and that’s the big thing.

LEAH: Okay, that’s awesome. So like I imagine myself, I’m definitely a doer, and like, do you ever like, when you were first getting started, were you practicing at home? Because I feel like I would have to actually pretend to entertain people in a speech at home before I would be able to do it on stage.

Practice Your Presentation Beforehand

PAT FLYNN: You have to do that.

LEAH: Yeah.

PAT FLYNN: I feel. Because you’re getting iterations, you’re learning how to tell your stories, and thank you for the compliment about the story telling. 

But it’s just trying and to just give you some perspective on how scared I was, before my first talk, I rehearsed for over 100 hours, and I rehearsed it in the same suit that I was gonna wear, because I was just so like, I wanted everything to be the same and it was just a little over the top. 

But preparation is key because sometimes you go up there and you’re just like, “Uh,” and if you prepare, you can get out of those much quicker. 

And again always going into a presentation knowing people want you to do well. They don’t wanna be bored, they don’t wanna not be entertained, so use that to your advantage, the fact that they’re there and ready for you and excited for you. 

And nobody’s judging you. I mean you are your own worst enemy too. 

So you’re gonna get in your own head, you’re gonna miss something that you should have said and guess what? Nobody will know except you. 

So don’t beat yourself up about it. Just incremental improvements and you’ll get better.

LEAH: Awesome. I greatly appreciate that. I’m sure you guys did as well. 

Make sure check, check out Pat. He’s got an amazing podcast, “Smart Passive Income,” it is amazing. We listen to it all the time. And guys, you should see a video on the upper right corner of your screen, watch that one next.

Take care, bye bye.

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