Network Marketing SuccessHave you ever wondered what the secret to Network Marketing success is?…that one magical ingredient? Is it some secret prospecting technique or some super-effective, mind-hacking sales script? Is it the right product or right compensation plan? Is it getting in with the right company at the right time? Maybe it’s just knowing the right people? Or maybe it’s just dumb, blind, stupid luck?

Well, I know what it is. There is definitely ONE key secret that will guarantee your Network Marketing success. If we take a close look at the top earners and leaders in the business, it becomes pretty clear that they all have one thing in common – one thing that they all had that got them to the top.

Now, there are a lot of factors that people think are the key to Network Marketing success, but really have nothing to do with it, such as…

  • The Right Company at the Right Time
  • The Right Product and/or Compensation Plan
  • Having a Great Sponsor and Upline Support
  • Being a Great Salesperson
  • Knowing the RIGHT People
  • The Right Prospecting/Lead Generation Strategy
  • The Right Script for Prospecting/Inviting/Presenting/Closing/etc
  • Dumb, blind, stupid luck

Some of these can certainly help in achieving success, such as knowing the right people or having great upline training and support, but none of these are necessary. People break into the top ranks of every MLM all the time without any of these things.

So What IS the Secret to Network Marketing Success?

The only common denominator that can be found in every top earner in the industry is hard work, a willingness to learn, and an unwavering determination to NEVER GIVE UP.

And there is your answer. The ONE secret that GUARANTEES Network Marketing success. It’s YOU and your commitment to success. It’s having the mentality that you will either find a way or you will MAKE a way.

That is the one, single factor that all leaders in this industry have…it doesn’t matter the company they are with, the product or service they are promoting, the people they know, the system or strategy they employ, the scripts they use, or how “lucky” they are…the only common denominator is that they all made the decision to succeed, picked a strategy and learned it, and then NEVER GAVE UP.

And I mean NEVER. Even after they reached the top, they still work on personal development, they still work on learning new skills. They diversify their income by creating training products, promoting affiliate programs, and coaching other future leaders.

So How Can You Make Use These Tips for Network Marketing Success?

Ok, so if you think the same way I do, you’re probably feeling a strong urge to just shrug off this advice as a bunch of touchy-feely, feel-good, fluff that gives no REAL advice on what you need to DO to start making some profit in your Network Marketing business.

Fair enough…here’s what you need to DO: in order to start building up to that 6 or 7 figure income, you need to learn skills that are worth 6 to 7 figures. It will take time, but not nearly the amount of time it would take to go back to school for a new degree and then work your way up to a 6 or 7 figure job. It will also cost some money, but not NEARLY the amount of money you would spend for a new degree.

Between my wife and I, we’ve spent well over $100,000 and 13 years (4 years for Leah Rae and 9 years for me) on our college degrees to get the education we needed, and then spent 6 years climbing the corporate ladder to get the experience we needed, and then spent another 5 years building our IT consulting business just to get into the low-mid 6 figure range.

If we could start all over and do it again, we would have skipped ALL of that and put a few thousand dollars and 1-2 years into learning and building a Network Marketing business and we would have gotten much further ahead in much less time.

So Where Do I Start?

Good question! Everyone’s situation is going to be different. Depending on your goals, your time frame, technical ability, time budget, financial budget, patience level and personality, etc. But for starters, you can start building a foundation for your online presence with this FREE guide.

If you haven’t recruited anybody yet or are making less than $1000 a month, I would recommend this FREE webinar by Ray Higdon.

And if you want to know how some of the top earners would climb their way to the top if they had to start all over again from scratch, this video would be the one to watch.

And if you want some personal guidance and a free consultation, Leah Rae and I are always happy to speak with you and help you decide on a path and develop a solid game plan. Just send us an email ( or and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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Take Care!

Todd Getts

Todd Getts

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