Attraction MarketingI hate being sold and pitched to. I’m sure you do too. In fact, I don’t know anyone who likes being sold or pitched to. Yet that seems to be what most people are doing with their Home Businesses…they lead with a pitch. The good news for these people is that they get used to being rejected REAL fast. The bad news is that they rarely, if ever, manage to sign anyone up.

In order to build a full-time income with a home business, you need to provide people with value first. You need to genuinely have their best interests in mind. Then, and only then, will they be open to hearing about your opportunity. Most still won’t join, but some will.

When you lead with a pitch, your opportunity will just feel like something they’re being sold on, which we already know nobody likes. When you lead with value, your opportunity will feel like something that will add to the value you’ve already provided.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing, in essence, is the art of attracting your customers to you by providing them with value first and attracting an audience as opposed to chasing after people and trying to convince them to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

The idea is to provide them with something that is important to them or something they’re already looking for, and they will come to you and be more likely to buy from you. Businesses often do this with free trials, free training, or free classes. Think of Home Depot giving free classes on how to do remodeling projects – where do you think the people attending that class are going to buy their building supplies? Another example might be a martial arts instructor teaching a free self-defense class for women. Where do you think those women are going to bring their kids to learn Tae Kwon Do?

Attraction Marketing in the Workplace

I first learned the concept of attraction marketing (although I didn’t know I was learning it at the time) when I was climbing the corporate ladder. I remember the anger and resentment I felt towards senior co-workers who “horded” their knowledge. When you asked them to show you how to do something, they would avoid answering the question and just provide you with the solution without ever showing you how they solved the problem – in other words, they give you a fish rather than teach you to fish. Or, to be more accurate, they’d give you the fish and then hide all the fishing poles, forcing you to beg for fish every time you’re hungry.

My experience has been that people who act like this are insecure. They feel that their value (and job security) comes from knowing things that other people don’t. Their value to the company comes from being the only ones who can get specific tasks done because they are unwilling to share that knowledge with others.

The problem is that everyone hates working with those types of people. If this is you, please stop. It’s not helping you. It’s hurting you.

Now, I also remember the admiration I felt towards my senior co-workers who openly shared their knowledge and allowed me to grow into a leader in the IT industry myself. The ones who taught me how to fish were the ones I would have followed anywhere. If they were up for a promotion, I would whole-heartedly go to bat for them and make the case for their advancement because I knew that if I wanted a position like they had, they would show me exactly how to get there. They would show me how to achieve what they had achieved.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but those senior co-workers who were willing to teach me the skills I needed to succeed were practicing attraction marketing!

People LOVE working with others who teach them new, valuable skills. People will seek out others who are willing to provide them with value. They avoid those who are just trying to sell them on something.

Why Does Attraction Marketing Make Sense in MLM?

Think about the type of person who joins Network Marketing. They are entrepreneurs…and entrepreneurial people are individualistic, they are risk-takers, they are do-it-yourselfers, they are independently-minded, but most of all, they are LEADERS.

Entrepreneurial people don’t want to join someone who is just looking to use them to build their downline. Entrepreneurial people are looking to join people who can help them grow into the leaders they need to be in order to achieve massive success in this business.

So if you can demonstrate that you are willing to do that for them, you will inevitably recruit more than a few. Do this for long enough, and you will recruit a lot of them. Don’t do this, and you will very likely not recruit any of them.

Do You Have To Be An Expert To Do Attraction Marketing?

Absolutely not. But you do need to be able to learn and teach. When you learn something that is valuable, be willing to teach it to others. Don’t try to build a downline, try to build a team. Try to build leaders! Dedicate yourself to personal development and to learning new skills, and you will never run out of lessons to teach others.

I Want to Start Attraction Marketing! What Should I Learn First That I Can Teach To Others?

The book I feel everyone should start with is “Go Pro” by Eric Worre, which is probably the best getting-started guide to Network Marketing currently available. If you don’t have a copy yet, you need to get it. You can find it on Amazon here.

After that, I would move onto a trainer like Ray Higdon. He’s got an excellent (FREE) webinar that you can access right here.

And here are two more FREE resources that Leah and I regularly use and distribute to others. An Instagram Cheat-Sheet and this Facebook Cheat-Sheet. Free resources are an easy way to provide value to others. You can reference these and/or give them out to people who could use some help with their social media recruiting.

After that, it really just depends on what your goals are and what kind of recruiting you want to focus on. Drop me a message if you want some suggestions. I can help you decide on a good strategy and point you in the right direction:

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Todd Getts

Todd Getts

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