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There are many, many great books out there for Network Marketers. Looking at my bookshelf, there are several books I could recommend. They range in subject from A-Z guides, Sales, Marketing, Networking, to things like Psychology and Human Behavior.

But when it comes down to which Network Marketing books you NEED to have (i.e. what are the BEST Network Marketing books), it would come down to only two.

‘Go Pro’ by Eric Worre

If I were to name the one Network Marketing book that every Network Marketer should have, it would be Go Pro by Eric Worre.

Eric Worre’s Go Pro is hands down the best, most concise A to Z how-to guide to Network Marketing. It’s a book that Leah Rae and I recommend to all of our new team members.

It is complete with scripts that you can use for inviting and closing, as well as great information on:

– How to find prospects to talk to

– The best tips for how to give an effective presentation

– How to follow up with your prospects

– How to get your new recruits started

In addition to all of that, it also gives you great information on how to keep going and succeed in the long run. Many of the scripts that Leah Rae and I learned from this book, we still use to this day.

It also has a great section on setting expectations with your new recruits that has proved invaluable to us.

‘The Business Of The 21st Century’ by Robert Kiyosaki

If I were to recommend a second Network Marketing book, it would be The Business Of The 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki.

Back when we first started our Network Marketing business, I was very much against the whole idea. I didn’t see Network Marketing as anything that I would want to do (I was already making great money), and I didn’t think it was something that we could ever be successful in. So Leah Rae was left to work our Network Marketing business on her own.

This is THE book that convinced me that, even as a self-employed business owner making multiple six figures, there was a MUCH better way, and Network Marketing was it.

This was the book that got me excited about our Network Marketing business and gave me the laser-like focus and determination to succeed.

The ‘Why’ And The ‘How’

I would say that ‘The Business Of The 21st Century’ is a great book on WHY you should do Network Marketing, and ‘Go Pro’ is a great book on HOW to do Network Marketing.

So if you’re only going to get one for now, I would typically recommend ‘Go Pro’ for anyone just getting started who wants to know how to succeed.

If, on the other hand, you’re trying to convince an unsupportive spouse or maybe even a friend or family member that Network Marketing is something they may want to get involved in, then ‘The Business Of The 21st Century’ is probably the better way to go.

So if you haven’t bought any Network Marketing books yet, or if you have a bunch of Network Marketing books but don’t own either of these, then I would consider these two to be a MUST buy.

You can get them both on Amazon…

Best Network Marketing Books - Worre    Best Network Marketing Books - Kiyosaki

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Todd A. Getts


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  1. Wesley Anderson on July 20, 2017 at 4:34 am

    Very good recommendations, I’m going to order some of these books

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