I Don't Know Anyone Objection

When I talk to people about network marketing, occasionally I get the “I don’t know anyone objection“, or I run into to network marketers who have burned through their warm market and think their business is pretty much over. They think that success in this business is all about who you know rather than the skills you learn and put into practice.

My response to the “I don’t know anyone objection” and the burnt warm market is the same…

What you need to get your prospect to understand is that if the business model strikes a chord with you, if you want to get out of the rat race, if you don’t want to spend your life punching a clock, and you actually want to see your children grow up, it’s your commitment to success, not who you know that will be the deciding factor.

There are some folks who hit a home run right off the bat their first time around with an MLM business. They never look for any training or help outside of their upline, and they reach top ranks and massive incomes solely through their warm market. Most of these folks already had found success in another field or business previously and have a great warm market & lots of influence.

Boy, wouldn’t it be great to be them! While it’d be great to hit it over the fence on the first pitch, there is a downside. DUPLICATION. Most of the people out there don’t have that natural charisma, amazing warm market, & existing influence to do the same thing.

These natural MLMers will struggle to help those in their downline who can’t replicate their quick success. They haven’t studied the industry and don’t know how to help them succeed. The default response becomes “just get in front of more people,” “more presentations,” and “revisit your list” which can lead to frustration and disappointment as they keep getting the same results, especially when people are giving you the I don’t know anyone objection.

So what are your options?

Wherever you are at this moment, you can still succeed in your MLM business. And here’s the bright side, in the end, you can have a more solid business due to a better foundation than those natural MLMers.

You know how to handle rejection and you know what it’s like to burn through your last warm market lead…You’ve experienced those things and have overcome those hurdles. You learned how to be successful and are able to teach that to your downline. The “I don’t know anyone objection” is just an excuse to quit or never get started in the first place.

If you are committed to succeeding, the key is in personal development. You must plug into all of the amazing training, mentoring, coaching, & strategies out there. You can learn to grow your network and hone in on strategies that fit you. GROW. LEARN. SUCCEED. Then TEACH to your downline.

Okay, so now where to get started?  Click this link to check out a great resource we recommend with awesome insight and tools to help you grow & your business takeoff.

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Leah Rae

Leah Rae



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